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  1. Zogaroth

    Selling [Modern AAC] Selling Unique Template

    Long time since I make a template, so I decided to make one, but unique. because a guy released one of my first templates that I sold for license. So, for people don't release this template, I'm gonna sell this for unique(A.K.A buyout). __________________________________________________ This is...
  2. Zogaroth

    Selling Tibia Account | MS Lv. 37 with 220k | Non-pvp

    Level: 37 Vocation: MS World: Refugia ML/Shielding: 35/22 Deletion Warning: No Recovery Key: Yes Premium: No Price: 10€ Comes with the character: Mounts: Donkey Addons: But in carlin I have 50 Holy orchid for complete full wizard. Thats all, this char is ready to play...
  3. Zogaroth

    Got error in tfs console 0.4

    When I open TheForgottenServer.exe on windows 7, I got this error: Help please rep++
  4. Zogaroth

    Webdesign Sorcerer's Template | For Modern AAC

    Hey there!, I just finished a simple template in PS, still not coded for Modern AAC, but I will do it tomorrow. Better Quality Click here to view in another tab as a website ______________________________________________ Credits: •...
  5. Zogaroth

    [Modern AAC] Siaranna Template

    Hey there, This was my second template, and now I decided to release it for free, because I don't like it too much for selling. Screenshot Click for more quality: Download NOTE: The rar has the font and psd used in the servername image. Also has a...
  6. Zogaroth

    [Modern AAC] Black&Blue Template

    Hey there, This has been one of my first templates, and now I decided to realize it for free, because I don't like it too much for selling. Screenshot Click for more quality: Download NOTE: The rar has the font and psd used in the...
  7. Zogaroth

    Gaming [Refugia] My Sorcerer

    Hey, I just started in Refugia. And I decided to be Sorcerer. Started on: Jun 19 2011, 04:08:25 CEST 19/06/11 19/06/11 Thats so far Greetings...
  8. Zogaroth

    Webdesign Darknight Template | For Modern AAC

    Sup guys, I made a new template for Modern AAC. Better Quality: Credits: reaper78 [Darknight Image] nodethirtythree [Content & Footer Design] erikcollinder [Pattern (AKA Background Repeat)] You can buy this one here now...
  9. Zogaroth

    OtLand Minecraft

    Sup guys. With ThaCore, we have just rent a server of minecraft. If you wanna play: • IP: • OPS: Hageno (AKA Reichsleiter) ThaCore (ThaCore) • Screenshots: Like 5 hours in build all :P • Important: [For play, you must put your name account here to put you in the...
  10. Zogaroth

    Warheim Template | For Modern AAC

    Hi folks, I'm making a new template, is not finished, I still have to code it for Modern AAC. Better Quality and the Real Size: Info: More than 6 Hours of work. More than 100 layers. More templates: Click my signature. Credits: alighandour...
  11. Zogaroth

    Webdesign Blaze Template | For Modern AAC

    Hey, heres my third template :) Like 2 days ripping, designing, and coding It's available to buy here or click my sign Greetins. comment and rate!
  12. Zogaroth

    Webdesign Siaranna Template - For Modern AAC

    Hi guys, this is my third template(heres the second) for Modern AAC. Thanks to Genzo from deviantart for the header/bg image Comment and rate please.
  13. Zogaroth

    Webdesign Therion Template - For Modern AAC

    Hey guys, this is my second template (here's the first). I was like 24h making this, cuz I am beginner in webdesigns Is coded for Modern AAC Well, here is it Thanks to Genzo for the header image. I stole the content from LoL Please rate.
  14. Zogaroth

    Selling Archland Layout

    Hi, this is my first layout, and now im selling it tested. work perfect 1€ License! Contact me via PM