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    TFS 1.X+ Hi, I need help with lever = 5 players

    @GM Mega, each player have to wait 20 hours to enter the boss again (edit: it's in data/scripts, btw)
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    TFS 1.X+ Hi, I need help with lever = 5 players

    @GM Mega Try This, data/scripts/urmalulu.lua (it's a rev script), tested on tfs 1.3 actionid:33009 leverid: 9826 local config = { bossName = "Urmahlullu the Immaculate", lockStorage = 5000109, -- globalstorage bossPos = Position(33919, 31648, 8), centerRoom = Position(33919...
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    TFS 1.X+ Unlock Imbue lvl1-2-3

    in login.lua add this player:setStorageValue(Storage.ForgottenKnowledge.Tomes, 1) player:setStorageValue(Storage.ForgottenKnowledge.LastLoreKilled, 1) player:setStorageValue(Storage.ForgottenKnowledge.TimeGuardianKilled, 1)...