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  1. Crunch

    Quest System

    Thanks, the item goes on the floor now instead of just no where, which is all good
  2. Crunch

    Quest System

    Further on to this, while testing I noticed that the player would not get the item if there inventory was full but they had spare capacity. I've changed the script slighty to the below, it seems to do everything just fine, but there is an error on the console luaPlayerAddItemEx(). Item already...
  3. Crunch

    Quest System

    Hi again, I am using the quests.lua for annihilator chests that comes with 1.3. However when I use it again for another quest reward, ie PoI, I cant seem to make it work. Originally I just made a duplicate and edited the script and added a storage on lib/storages, and added the actionid's in...
  4. Crunch

    Lua Script Help - 'getThingFromPos' (a nil value)

    Thank you both
  5. Crunch

    Lua Script Help - 'getThingFromPos' (a nil value)

    Hello, I have this script, its for an archery game, however I cannot figure out why it wont work. The problem is if (getThingFromPos(arrowpos).itemid) == 5779 then I have tried various different things but have to ask for some help. Could someone tell me the problem and also why mine wont...
  6. Crunch

    Quest Log

    Thanks, 7777 wasnt in there so how i assigned 7777 I either haven't copied over yet or it isn't working. It was such a long time ago its proving tricky for me to get my head around everything again!! I have no experience coding outside of this server that me and the wife created so its taking a...
  7. Crunch

    Quest Log

    Thanks for replying, where would I find it? It would make sense its something like that as it seems to do everything except for showing in the log.
  8. Crunch

    Quest Log

    Hello, I have come back after around 5-6 years to see about finishing the OT me and my wife started. I have begun copying stuff over to an up to date TFS, I am using the 10.98 nightly packages of the forgotten server. I have tried to copy over the quest log, however even if its saying quest...
  9. Crunch

    Graphic Designer A professional spriter looks for a job!

    Wow some good stuff there man
  10. Crunch

    [Znote AAC] TibiaCOM template

    Came back to finish my unfinished OT, over the moon too see this!! :)
  11. Crunch


    I don't blame you for not releasing it, but hopefully it inspires people to create something similar. I didnt even think about anything like this but its really damn cool.
  12. Crunch


    That's seriously cool, nice job
  13. Crunch

    Powergaming a Knight

    Are you botting? I really don't know about free account hunting, I've always botted my money making knights at PH swamp trolls -> Torts & Crocs at Fenrock -> Mutated Humans -> Stone Golems in Farmine (great cash) -> Killer Caimans
  14. Crunch

    How do I use Ibot?!

    Well Xenobot has a hell of a lot less active users than Ibot, so that fact people are even getting deleted means that there is something going on, the same with Ibot. Redbot has had no reported deletions for the last few banwaves, but I don't think anybody is really sure on how people are...
  15. Crunch

    Powergaming a Knight

    sell the great eq, buy a premium scroll and your leveling and profit will be much better to buy back the eq
  16. Crunch

    What about donation items?

    Firstly, your question on Orshabaal depends on the type of server, what items you have, attack rate etc etc etc... Second, from my point of view donations are fine if you have put the time and effort into the OT. I will have donations, but I have been making this OT for a long while, and will...
  17. Crunch

    Anybody hitting the gym?

    I saw a Gym on a movie the other night, thats about the closest I've come to one in about 7 years!
  18. Crunch

    Summ's Scriptforge - Ideas wanted!

    http://otland.net/f82/monster-arena-minigame-summ-153306/ ;)
  19. Crunch

    Giveaway -- aurora account

    info please :( or if no polish: 9
  20. Crunch

    Make adori blank and you get PZ lock.

    I think you need to add the below, I'm not 100% sure though setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_AGGRESSIVE, true) Edit, this may not be what you want, do you want just normal PZ or PZ lock like you have killed a player?