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  1. Evil Hero

    Suggestion Tutorial Section

    I would like to ask, if there is any opportunity to change the max post length of 10k to a higher one. I have the problem with my thread https://otland.net/threads/scripting-guide.74030/ that I'm not even able to edit 2 of the posts because they already exceed the length, since it was just a...
  2. Evil Hero

    OOP Classes for older TFS versions (0.3.x / 0.4x / ...)

    I've wrote this little lib for compatibility to the new oop way we approached at 1.x This makes it so that 1.x scripts are working for older versions aswell It's just a beginning, I'd like everyone to contribute to it, it's quite a pain in the ass to recall all functions. Creature = {} Player...
  3. Evil Hero

    Happy Birthday Summ :D

    I'd like to congratulate my fellow german dude @Summ to his 22 birthday. One step closer to death :p hope you'll have a fine day and receive many gifts :D cheers!
  4. Evil Hero

    lua > xml ? get finaly rid of xml!

    Hello folks, Today I'm here to talk about a certain topic which has been more important than ever since TFS 1.x series came out. As TFS 1.x keeps evolving and getting better and better with every update, it still keeps slacking behind when it comes to modularity. Why do I think so? well that's...
  5. Evil Hero

    TFS 1.x Ingame Account Manager [Searching Testers] UPDATED

    Hello folks~ Today I'm here to talk about a crucial feature which TFS 1.x currently doesn't have, the "Ingame Account Manager" I've recently been starting to work towards an Ingame Account Manager which works similiar to the old one. This Account Manager is mostly written in lua, requires just...
  6. Evil Hero

    [10.41] TFS 1.0 Custom Version Github Project

    Since the official tfs 1.0 distro is just supposed to be a standard base for servers and wont have anything custom to be added, I have came to the conclusion to make a fork of it, with requested stuff on the forum. You can make pull requests or post issues at github for me to track it. What...
  7. Evil Hero

    [TFS1.0] Ingame Manager (Administrating Players and such)

    Hello guys :) Today I'll present you my newest project called "Ingame Manager" It's a system completly written in lua, which uses the modalWindow functions from tfs 1.0. So it's easy to implement and doesn't require any other programms or something else. start menu...
  8. Evil Hero

    TalkAction Unique Teleportation System v1 for TFS 1.0 only

    Hello guys, has been some time since I released something here. Today I'm here with a unique teleportation system. You can go wherever you want on your map (except protection zones / houses) and save the position with it where you are currently standing at. rather then much writing I'll just...
  9. Evil Hero

    Heroland - Classes - OPEN BETA!

    Finaly it has come to this point! We would like to announce that the first official beta will be related to the Class System. Our main point is to balance and even out the Classes (Spell wise etc.) You can find all things you need to know about the server in the...
  10. Evil Hero

    Table Functions

    Here are some table functions which I think that they are really usefull. table.getIndexOfLowest = function(table) local lowest, r = table[#table], {} for var = #table,1, -1 do if table[var] == lowest then table.insert(r,var) lowest = table[var] elseif table[var] < lowest then for...
  11. Evil Hero

    unbinding Key issue

    Hello guys, I can't seem to figure out how to unbind keys I have been set. I'm trying to deactivate the console and while it's deactivated I allow to walk with WASD, that stuff is working. When I activate the console it wont unbind them somehow. tried it several ways...
  12. Evil Hero

    Action Lever Buy System with browsing through wares!

    Hello guys, Havn't released something in quite a while but thought this might be helpful for some people. with the left lever you go back an item, middle you buy it and right one is to go forward. local shop = { [2453] = {gold = 1000}, [2474] = {gold = 2000}, [2475] = {gold =...
  13. Evil Hero

    [Germany][8.7x] HerolandWar - Kill or be Killed!

    Welcome to HerolandWar! Informations: HerolandWar - Kill or be Killed Client: 8.70 and 8.71 IP: herolandwar.servegame.com Port: 7171 This server is not hosted 24/7 (I do not promise something, which I can't hold!) but if there is good activity then I will organise a dedicated...
  14. Evil Hero

    Fix/Patch onEquip/onDeEquip, properly handled at Login/Logout

    Greetings, The following code will fix the problem that you have an onDeEquip when you logout. For those who used a static code like this (example) function onEquip(cid, item, slot) setCreatureMaxHealth(cid, getCreatureMaxHealth(cid) + 100) return true end function onDeEquip(cid, item...
  15. Evil Hero

    Heroland RPG - Information and Discussion

    ...Long time ago, when Heroes ruled the land, and people used swords and shields to conquer and destroy their enemies. The unforgotten story of an mysterious kindred began..... The Lands of Kirtania have always been a flourishing and beautiful home to any inhabitant it encompasses. The people...
  16. Evil Hero

    Lua Function doPlayerCastSpell(cid, spell)

    Hello Peoples, Since I've seen this function requested a few times now, I thought to give it a shoot, after some testing it is fully working now. If you encounter any kind of bugs with it, then feel free to post them here. This function is limited same as in spells.xml If the Player...
  17. Evil Hero

    Happy Birthday Znote :D

    Happy Birthday bro! I hope you'll enjoy your day and get wasted some :p
  18. Evil Hero

    ShadowCloud's RPG Mapping!

    Hello peoples, I'm kinda new to mapping, still I'd like to show some stuff I'm working on. Those places are exclusively mapped for Heroland-RPG The way of the Heroes! I'm going to post some more sooner or later. sincerly, ShadowCloud!
  19. Evil Hero

    Feature No exp from same IP when killing another player (PVP - Enforced/Hardcore).

    I've seen this requested a few times now. Players wont gain any exp from other Players which have the same IP now. Configmanager.cpp: 0.3.6 / 0.4: search for: m_confBool[REMOVE_WEAPON_CHARGES] = getGlobalBool("removeWeaponCharges", true); add this after it...
  20. Evil Hero

    Lua Scripting Guide

    Welcome to my Scripting Guide! I hope you'll enjoy your stay and learn much from it :D This guide is completly about lua related scripting, you'll learn here everything from basics up to advanced stuff. If you think there's something missing then tell me what and it'll be added. Please don't...