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  1. likas152


    Searching for a nicaw paypal script, willing to pay for it.
  2. likas152

    Nicaw paypal script (request)

    Is someone willing to make a paypal script for nicaw so when you donate the points will automatically be recieved. Or if you already have one and willing to share.
  3. likas152

    [SWEDEN] 8.0 Real Map - Civera 9/2 : 16:00 - SUNDAY!

    Civera 8.0 is starting on Sunday 9/2 16:00 be there! Website : civera.hopto.org Admin: Civera Created a forum for the server where you can report bugs, discuss about good improvements, war and so on. IP:civera.hopto.org Port:7171 Client: 8.0 Real map 1 # Cities: # Thais # Venore # Carlin #...
  4. likas152

    GesiorACC - IPN not being recieved

    Today when I tried to enable my IPN on my paypal account I recieved an email, following: When I enter my ipn.php this text came up. Forbidden You don't have permission to access /ipn/ipn.php on this server. And this is my IPN file: ipn.php <?php error_reporting(0); if ($_GET['debug']) {...
  5. likas152

    [SWEDEN] 8.0 Real Map - Civera(v2) 1/10 : 18:00

    Welcome for some back in the days times! Version 2.0 = Harder to get addons(very fkn high npc prices) no ferumbras hat, soulstone or dragon claw in shop), you will loose a bit more exp in beginning. This time 99 % full real map. Harder to lootrate. Harder magic level for pallys...
  6. likas152

    [SWEDEN] 8.0 Real Map - Civera ( STARTED NOW!!!!!)

    Welcome for some back in the days times! Be free to discuss here! civera.hopto.org Port:7171 Client: 8.0 Create account at: http://civera.hopto.org/ STARTS SUNDAY Timezone : (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom, Stockholm, Wien) Real map 1 # Cities: # Thais # Venore # Carlin # Edron #...
  7. likas152

    NicawAcc 2.11 XML - Warning! Please set correct data directory in config.ph

    Hello, i've just installed my nicawAcc 2.11 for xml and selected the correct directory but still I get this error and don't know what to do, because I can't figure any problems with this code: /*Set location of data directory IMPORTANT! Use / to separate folders, put / in the end */...
  8. likas152

    HELP - ModernACC Shop System :keep getting items

    Hello I have just installed ModernACC and I tested the shop system it worked well until I realized that every 30s second I recieve the items again and again. I use TFS 0.3.5l Here my shop.lua function onThink(interval, lastExecution, thinkInterval) local result =...
  9. likas152

    ModernACC Shop System - keep getting item

  10. likas152