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Search results

  1. man boob

    Tibia 8.7 dat

    Anyone knows where to download it?
  2. man boob

    Download ip changer to wine

    Does anyone know how to do this? I cant get further than I can choose IP changer, and the squirrel is popping up but it wont open!
  3. man boob

    IP changer to mac?

    Is it possible to fix? Or else it would suck not to be able to play OT anymore
  4. man boob

    Ip changer for mac?

    Hello, does anyone have any idea about where to get an ip changer for mac?
  5. man boob

    RME item bug

    When im trying to get RME 10.10 on, then am I just getting problem after problem... This should be the last one hopefully
  6. man boob

    RME 10.10

    Cant find a working 10.10 RME, the last one gave tons of errors that was un-solveable
  7. man boob

    Windows Weird ass RME error

    I just downloaded RME 2.2 and got this weird error
  8. man boob

    Selling house {13sqm} {LB} {One bed}

    Rum Alley 3, pretty small house in liberty bay for sale
  9. man boob

    Selling 4 soft boots

    Selling 4 soft boots for 105cc ea (market ~1.2kk) or trading for worn soft boots
  10. man boob

    Msg Ducktard for any buys or sells

    Sold and bought, close thread
  11. man boob

    I won the auction of the house Paupers Palace, Flat 05, BUT...

    Well, at the start was it submitted that "Konan the Barbaro" an offer at 300001 gp, and then i submitted at first 300002 gp, but it said it still was his final offer (But now raised to the offer i putted). Then i putted it to 300009 gp instead, but still no diference. Then at the end i submitted...
  12. man boob

    How to get into forsaken mines???

    Well, according to tibia wikia and stuff, should there be a way in, but...
  13. man boob

    Links to good bots?

    Anyone know any link to a good bot to the 10.71 client?
  14. man boob

    Anyone got a relieable bot?

    Need for making spears :3
  15. man boob

    Tränings fråga

    Vet inte om det är någon här som kanske vet om det ger bra resultat om man gör armhävningar (Med kort längd mellan armarna) 3-6ggr/dag (Med 3 set per timma)
  16. man boob

    Weird RME error

    Been using RME before, but never seen this error before, what is it? :O
  17. man boob

    Auto loot elfbot

    Does anyone how to auto loot in elfbot? let's say that i wanna loot item ID 5944
  18. man boob

    Any good servers out there?

    Now there are no good servers, so, anyone got a tip of where I shall begin?
  19. man boob

    What ID is the unmoveable knight statue?

    I don't really find it, can someone please help me?
  20. man boob

    Someone got a link to a 10.41 bot?

    I'd really enjoy a bot for a bot (10.41), but I haven't found any working bots so far. My main idea would be to fish with the bot.