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  1. kimokimo

    [RevScripts][1.3] Anomaly - Other world boss

    Here's something i made for my server, 100% like real tibia anomaly fight. local anomalyConfig = { playerPositions = { --Player Lever Positions Position(930, 999, 7), Position(930, 1000, 7), Position(930, 1001, 7), Position(930, 1002, 7) }...
  2. kimokimo

    tfs 1.3 addItem question

    How to avoid (addItem) adding the item to player's eq if player is eq naked.
  3. kimokimo

    Sources qusetion

    tfs 1.3 which part allow player to (hit/deny hit) monster from a zone. ex: not being able to hit a monster while being in pz
  4. kimokimo

    RevScripts Revscripts onKill

    What am i doing wrong here? it's not printing anything local eventKill = CreatureEvent("test") eventKill:type("kill") function eventKill.onKill(player, target, lastHit) print("TEST") return true end eventKill:register()
  5. kimokimo

    tfs 1.3 compile error

    I added a small edit to function combatHealth in game.cpp if (targetPlayer = dynamic_cast<Player*> (target)) { std::string value; double damageReduction = 0; uint32_t storage[33]; sprintf(storage, "%d"...
  6. kimokimo

    tfs 1.3 item abilities by delusion

    I'm trying to recreate a part of this system: https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-3-item-abilities-via-lua.260156/ I only need the part where it sets the attribute on the item and return it back, i don't want the effects itself. since i don't need all the abilities i wana add the attribute to the...
  7. kimokimo

    tfs 1.3 onLogin check item attributes

    I was trying to check player equipped items on login to see if they carry a certain description but it seems like it returns a nil on login but it works in other scripts like movements, actions it returns the correct description. for i = 1, 9 do local items = getPlayerSlotItem(player...
  8. kimokimo

    1.3 imbues

    Are the imbues only attributes on items? or is it possible to set manaleech or critical chance to a player without gaining it from items with imbues? I mean are these special skills gainable with lua? because in game.cpp it's indentified as a special skill. chance =...
  9. kimokimo

    from 0.4 to tfs 1.3

    function doAddCopiedContainer(it, new) --By Doggynub local uid,its,news = it.uid, {},{} local size = getContainerSize(uid) local test = {} for i = 0, size-1 do local item =...
  10. kimokimo

    tfs 1.3 onAddItem

    I'm still testing stuff with tfs 1.3 and i got stuck on this function function onAddItem(moveItem, tileItem, position) did they remove cid from the function? if yes how do i return the creature moving or adding the item?
  11. kimokimo

    Lua scripting

    Hey everyone, What can i work with? I'm more familiar with 0.4 What can i do? Anything from small games to full systems. About the payment. It depends on the script, anything below 30 lines is free.
  12. kimokimo

    Creating a teamspeak bot for tibia

    So i thought about creating a teamspeak bot for real tibia but after making the basic functions like (poking all clients at once, pushing all clients to one channel for war purposes, ...etc) all made in LUA. Like x3bot i wanted to make lists for enemies/friends to check if they're online, thier...
  13. kimokimo

    Compiling error

    Just when the compile is about to finish and create the engine i get this.
  14. kimokimo

    [France] Evoria 8.6 | MIDRATE | Custom evolution | Tier system | START TODAY

    Evoria.org Starting 22/7/2016 friday at 7:00 pm CET Features - *Items tier system* *98% scripted quests (no run quests)* *95% of spawns and quests are connected to the main content you can reach it by walking or taking the teleport* *No pay to win donation...
  15. kimokimo

    Compiling 0.3.6 on windows

    I have been trying to compile 0.3.6 with dev-cpp stian's repack but i keep coming to this error at the last point of the compile progress.
  16. kimokimo

    New lottery game

    So as the title says this is a lottery game with just 3 simple commands. function getLotteryPlayers() local players = {} for _, zid in pairs(getPlayersOnline()) do if getCreatureStorage(zid, 1300) == 1 then table.insert(players, zid) end end return players end local itemRewards = { {7697...
  17. kimokimo

    [Sweden] Rexonia | 10.41 | Custom | Olympiad

    Rexonia is a unique 10.41 evolution map full reworked to fit tibia latest client with a well detailed map and almost all spawns are accessable with walking not only teleports also quests. Website/Ip: http://rexonia.sytes.net Port: 7171 *Exp stages: starts from 300x and ends at 2x with exp...
  18. kimokimo

    doRelocate returns nil value

    function onStepOut(cid, item, position, fromPosition) local tile = Tile(position) if tile:getCreatureCount() > 0 then return true end local newPosition = {x = position.x + 1, y = position.y, z = position.z} local query = Tile(newPosition):queryAdd(cid) if query...
  19. kimokimo

    Tfs 1.0 mysql config

    As the title says im trying to start the server but i get this error MySQL Error Message: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111) Here is mysql info : mysqlHost = "" mysqlUser = "root" mysqlPass = "**********" mysqlDatabase = "******" mysqlPort = 3306 mysqlSock =...
  20. kimokimo

    How to get creatureID in tfs 1.0

    As the title says i was working on something in player.lua in moveitem function and i found no cid in the parameters i tried playing around like this : local sellableitem = pricetable[item.itemid] local tile = toPosition:getTile() local targetTile = {x= 970, y= 992, z= 6} local uids = item...