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  1. alissonfgp

    [10.10] Global Server 0.3

    Hello! Well I did not want to post in version 0.3 but on 1.0 already, but how have people posting without putting the credits my then already set to 0.3 at once. i have fixed: * Sem os novos sistemas de Browse Field, PVP(10.10) e Guild mark 10.10 * New Ab'Dendriel 98% * Houses De Ab'Dendriel...
  2. alissonfgp

    [SOLVED] Use item in Range

    Hello! I need a script in which the player uses the item in the monster away and the floors you want. For example: 7 and 8 floors even if the player does not have to access the monsters within a certain area. Ty Rep++
  3. alissonfgp

    Remove Wall in time

    I need a script type if the player clicks the itemid "18458" ActionID with "23891" then invokes monsters and after 30 seconds and removes the wall creates a tile with aid "23891", after 30 seconds it creates the old wall again and remove the tile. For TFS 0.3 and 0.4
  4. alissonfgp

    open chest in time

    I need a script to open the chest he needs to kill the boss, and can only reopen after 20h and every time the player will need to kill the boss, the kind of warzones. For TFS 0.3 and 0.4 if possible? REP++
  5. alissonfgp

    Use item 1x

    I need a script type, if the player uses an item on another item, then it will be able to use again after 2 minutes. if possible...
  6. alissonfgp

    Help me -- npc

    I need help here ... The NPC did not respond according to what I have asked for storage but he responds, I do the mission and then he keeps on saying the same thing as before, someone could see if there is any error that is messing up? local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local...
  7. alissonfgp

    Rookgaard v19

    Credits... Adrianootavares: Tracked Free Area 100% and Premium 15% Alissonfgp: Tracked Premium Area 85%, quests and Island of Destiny added and removed errors of clone map Import to x = 0, y = 0 Mediafire mirror: Rookgaard v19.rar
  8. alissonfgp

    Npc Orockle War Against The Hive Quest

    I need help with NPC Orockle, War Against The Hive Quest (task) someone have for to help me? Insectoid outfit and addons... type: War Against The Hive Activity in the hive War Favour Left: 0 War Exp: 0 Done: Antennae Bliding: 0 Hive Digestion: 0 Pore Stuffing: 0 Chitin...
  9. alissonfgp

    Monster Monsters 9.8

    Monster 9.8 Created by me Looktype 100% Loots 97% Corpses 100% (TFS Items.otb) hits 90% Link Mediafire: Monsters 9.8.rar
  10. alissonfgp

    NPC Chondur

    I need the npc Chondur releasing addons and Stampor mount.
  11. alissonfgp

    MoveEvents Transform

    I need a script in which the monster steps on a certain tile and turns into another, if possible. Type the Thornfire Wolf transform to Crystal Wolf.
  12. alissonfgp

    NPC Chondur

    already many are complaining that I posted in the wrong place, I decided to assemble and post here ... insert in 050-function function getItemsFromList(items) local str = '' if table.maxn(items) > 0 then for i = 1, table.maxn(items) do str = str .. items[i][2] .. ' ' ...
  13. alissonfgp

    NPC Npcs 9.60

    file re-laid to download and added npcs 9.6. The NPCs are not all there and are not 100% Ex: Commander stone I have the task system will provide no further for now. Npcs Link Mediafire: Npcs 9.6.rar
  14. alissonfgp

    Monster Monsters 9.6

    Well I came here to do my first post ... The monsters that I rode ... Monsters: 9.6 Looktype: 100% Loot: 100% Corpses: 100% Hits: 90% Notice the hits are not 100% ... errors removed Dec. 17. Mediafire: Monsters 9.60.rar