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  1. Crunch

    Quest System

    Hi again, I am using the quests.lua for annihilator chests that comes with 1.3. However when I use it again for another quest reward, ie PoI, I cant seem to make it work. Originally I just made a duplicate and edited the script and added a storage on lib/storages, and added the actionid's in...
  2. Crunch

    Lua Script Help - 'getThingFromPos' (a nil value)

    Hello, I have this script, its for an archery game, however I cannot figure out why it wont work. The problem is if (getThingFromPos(arrowpos).itemid) == 5779 then I have tried various different things but have to ask for some help. Could someone tell me the problem and also why mine wont...
  3. Crunch

    Quest Log

    Hello, I have come back after around 5-6 years to see about finishing the OT me and my wife started. I have begun copying stuff over to an up to date TFS, I am using the 10.98 nightly packages of the forgotten server. I have tried to copy over the quest log, however even if its saying quest...
  4. Crunch

    Port 80!

    Hello, I have recently tried to get an ACC application working for my OT, the problem is I cannot open port 80. I have spoken to the people at port forward and they have said its probably my ISP blocking the port. I can open 7171 and 7172 just fine, its port 80 that I cannot open for the life...
  5. Crunch

    Opinions on a server

    Well I had made a server that had portals etc, with a 100% custom map, mediumish planned exp rate. But after playing an OT recently I'm not unsure if I want to continue with this style or make something different. Please could people vote on the top as to what they would most like to see from a...
  6. Crunch

    Home Study Programming Course in UK

    Could anyone recommend a good online website offering online courses in computer programming? Theres so many so didnt know if any brits here were able to recommend any!
  7. Crunch

    OtLand Fantasy Football (Soccer) League

    The english premier league is nearly upon us, so its Fantasy Football Time! This could be a huge fail, but if anyone likes football, they should make a fantasy football side, and we can start an OtLand league! If some people are interested, then I will make a league, but I won't make one yet...
  8. Crunch

    Completely Free Lottery! Prize is 1kk on Menera!

    Hello, Well I have a lot of gps on Menera, so thought I would do something little for the community on Otland! I'm guessing most don't play real tibia, let alone on the server Menera, but you can world trade it, or even sell it xd. Theres only two rules, and you need to have over 50 posts...
  9. Crunch

    Help with a pick script

    Hello, I want to make this so when I use a pick on a certain item, it will change into a ladder for x seconds, then change back to its original form. I put this script onto pick.lua, and set the actionid, but it gives an error: [Error - Action Interface] In a timer event called from...
  10. Crunch

    What do you want from a rl map server?

    Hello, Well I was just wondering what people would want from a RL map server, ie exp rates, custom quests, tibia quests or mixture of both. Would you want hunting grounds to be the same, or would you want places to be altered. Would you want custom hunting areas as well? Let me know what...
  11. Crunch

    Working script, but need some help!

    Hello, I've made a script, its where if you use vampire doll you will change into a vampire lord. It works fine, only thing I would like to add is that if someone changed outfit, goes invisible, or changes there appearance it will go away. At the moment only way to make it go in logging on/off...
  12. Crunch

    NPC Improvement!

    Figured it out 5 mins after posting jeje
  13. Crunch

    Problem running 2 servers

    Well, I have an issue.. Me and my wife have 2 computers, 1 router. We have our main ot server on her computer using xampp etc. I want to make a server on my computer but just for testing scripts etc whilst she maps. I cannot for the life of me get my server to work. The best I have done is...
  14. Crunch

    Adding weapon attack with a ring??

    Are you able to improve a weapons attack via something like a ring? For example one ring will improve the attack of axe weapons, one magic, one distance etc. Like a bright sword is normally 36 attack, with one of these rings it would be say 41 attack. I have tried multiple things but none work...
  15. Crunch

    Selling Selling 25kk on Menera

    Hello, I'm selling 25kk on Menera. Have quit tibia for rl things and making an OT instead. Price is 25-30$/1kk, depending on how much you buy. Once I have sold my rares I will have more forsale. Get in touch with me if your interested. Please note - I won't run any risk of getting...
  16. Crunch

    Rate their Avatar!

    Well, it's similar to how popularity games work, but rate the persons avatar above you, out of 10! Of we go..
  17. Crunch

    Lua Need help with a NPC script

    Hello, I was wondering if some people could help me. There is a lot of addon NPC's released on the forums, and I want to make seperate NPC's for each set of addons. I have looked at some released NPC's and have altered the script so it only does 1 outfit. For my first one I have justed used...
  18. Crunch

    Which Server to use?!

    Hello, I've recently started to make an OT, and was wondering which is the best server to use? I will use Remeres 8.6 Map Editor, I'm new to this but everyone has to start somewhere right? I want to make most things totally custom, I'm not sure if theres a big difference in the servers but...