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  1. Syntax

    Open Tibia Archives

    Open Tibia Archives A collection of important OT projects from the past. Currently server engines, AACs, bots, and tools. In the future a repo will be added containing all the various distros (Survival Server, Evolutions, etc.) In preparation for GitHub Archive Program...
  2. Syntax

    Syntax's Script Archive

    Here are some possibly useful things that take a bit of work to get running since they are tools that I no longer need. Some things may be missing as they belong to others as well. Nothing is guaranteed to run. Minimal to no support will be given. Enjoy. Sublime Text 3 + Visual Code TFS Snippet...
  3. Syntax

    Tibia XYZ - A map for Tibia [work in progress]

    I'm working on a new map viewer for Tibia. The previous version of TibiaXYZ was based on leaflet.js and is used at tibiamaps.org This new map viewer is from scratch, no JS libs, resulting in a very small payload (1KB, not including map data) You'll notice it's much much faster and smoother...
  4. Syntax

    Tibia Live - Open Tibia Server List [work in progress]

    I'm developing a new server list for the OT community. The key difference between this list and others is I don't rely on user submitted data. I've already collected more data than all other lists, I'm currently focusing on the UI to display it. I'm scraping the internet for ALL tibia servers...
  5. Syntax

    Ubuntu Build Script

    Hello, many of you might find this useful. Many cloud providers allow you to specify a bash script to execute on init. You may also execute the bash script manually, or follow line by line. #!/bin/bash # CONFIG DOMAIN="example.com" USER="ubuntu" TARGET="/var/tfs" WORLD="<path to world folder...
  6. Syntax

    Before ox there was ewars...

    Found a video of one of my first OTs from 2008, thought you guys might appreciate it.
  7. Syntax

    Tibia Flash Client Sources

    This repo diffed updates between flash client updates OXGaming/TibiaFlashClient Another interesting repo is our xenobot script sources OXGaming/TibiaBotScripts More to come... Regards, OXGaming
  8. Syntax

    Streaming OT Development

    Hey guys, no official announcement or anything, I'd just like to say I'm streaming OT development if you'd like to check it out. http://www.twitch.tv/synt4x I'll be streaming a lot this week since I'm off work until the end of the holidays. If you enjoy it be sure to follow and get notified...
  9. Syntax

    OpenTibia Sublime Text 3 - Lua TFS Autocomplete

    Hello everyone, I generated this autocomplete file from our TFS 1.2 sources. The only functions missing are pure lua functions (adding them soon). There's a few functions included that aren't in TFS by default, just ignore or delete them. Feel free to make a revision, fork, or just star it :)...
  10. Syntax

    The OX Server pre-banned

    We launched today and went to add our server to your list and we were given the message: IP: us.theoxserver.com This server is currently banned! Reason: Spoofing data info. Server will be unbanned after 04/05/2015. There are no online trainers, no abusable "no-logout" zones, and no intentional...
  11. Syntax

    Tibia XYZ - Minimap Viewer

    I needed to create a new minimap viewer for The OX Server's website. Figured I'd share it with everyone. Feel free to embed it on your site or use it to share locations. https://tibia.xyz/ There's still some bugs as I just made it last night, I'll be fixing them... soon.
  12. Syntax

    -- Removed

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  13. Syntax

    Alternia banned (false positive)

    sv1.lualand.net seems to be banned on otservlist.org Our trainers do not have no logout tiles, our idle time is 15 minutes. We use latest private svn sources that count only connected players in the protocol. The only thing I can think of is our personal website that displays everyone online...
  14. Syntax

    [USA][9.60][RLMAP] Alternia - http://sv1.lualand.net

    Alternia brought to you by Lualand Stay tuned for the upcoming tracking thread, where we track all of the new areas! CONNECTION INFORMATION: SITE: Alternia - Open Tibia Server IP: sv1.lualand.net Port: 7171 9.60 Protocol FEATURE INFORMATION: Fairfight disabled. Cooldowns reduced by 50%...
  15. Syntax

    Syntax's Xenobot Lua Scripts

    [FONT=Century Gothic]Syntax's Lua Scripts Free lua scripts for XenoBot
  16. Syntax

    War Server 9.1+

    Does anyone know of a pure pvp server (no rpg) that is at least 9.1 and is preferably hosted in USA. If not does anyone want one? Cause I do :P
  17. Syntax

    [MOD] Anti Cavebot System w/ Basic Anti Scripting Bypass

    Description: This anti-cavebot system differs from the standard (do-the-math) technique. Every now and then after a few requirements are met players may face themselves with a chest bonus. This is clearly indicated by animated text (deprecated in newer versions, you will have to remove) and a...
  18. Syntax

    OT Program Requests

    I'm currently working on Exiva but I like to have other projects on the side incase I get bored. Does anybody have an idea for a program? If you say maptracker or otb/dat editor I'll slap you.
  19. Syntax

    9.31 addresses

    ​Just incase anyone needs them. baseAddress = 0x824188 rsaAddress = 0x7596C0
  20. Syntax

    Exiva - Open Tibia Network

    Update: follow @ExivaNetwork on twitter for realtime status updates on how the development is going. EXIVA was conceived to unite the OpenTibia community further. This service will allow you to track your favorite servers to see the average level progression the server has, whose online, what...