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  1. Cwift

    [Australia] [7.72] - RetrOTs Real Map

    Welcome to RetrOTs! for many years Australia has not had a 7.72 real tibia! Every single NPC/Quest works just as tibia 7.72 would have with only a few slight changes for the better! We are also looking into the future to host a European Server and an American Server. We have changed the...
  2. Cwift

    [Australia] Custom/10.98 [Terraram]

    Welcome to Terraram! Launched 17/8/2020 Terraram is hosted in Sydney, Australia. IP Terraram.com Website www.Terraram.com Here are our server rates! EXP Rate 3 Loot Rate 1 Skill Rate 2 Magic Rate 1 We understand that not everyone is an explorer and role player, so we decided to...
  3. Cwift

    Custom Client$$$

    Just looking for some help for a custom client. nothing to extream just manely want the tibia name changed to server name. happy to pay for someones time.
  4. Cwift

    $$$Help Wanted. exercise weapons and rods

    Hello money paid for time. im after a Exercise Weapon System for my OT with a working Store system. something similar to this Action - [TFS 1.2] Exercise Weapons (https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-2-exercise-weapons.260534/) Much Appreciated.
  5. Cwift

    God character not working

    I can log on the char but it has no god power.
  6. Cwift

    Windows (character List)

    Hello i just port forwarded my ot and players can log in (but only to the character list). all my fire wall is off and ive cheeked the ports and they are open. please help ;/
  7. Cwift

    Solved Help with boat NPC

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <npc name="Dimral" script="default.lua" walkinterval="0" floorchange="0"> <health now="150" max="150"/> <look type="129" head="114" body="119" legs="114" feet="114" corpse="2212"/> <parameters> <parameter key="module_travel" value="1"/> <parameter...
  8. Cwift

    how to update map

    How do i update my map from 8.54 to something newer using remeres map editor. (just started doing all this shit after many years so ive forgot nooby shit.)
  9. Cwift

    Windows serevr crashing

    Hello I'm here to ask for some help with my server. I'm kinda new at this but i have got a real map and i am running it with Crying Damson. the server runs and no errors after about 5 mins it just crashes and says its not responding does anyone know why and can help me out please?