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  1. wafuboe

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.X] Item Sets

    Nice contributions you have made thank you all go to my server
  2. wafuboe

    Problem with looktypes

  3. wafuboe

    Problem with looktypes

    Well when i enter my server i summon monsters like diremaw new warzone bosses and others and have a different appearences so i open my spr of my client which have 11+ sprites on objectbuilder and it have the correct looktypes as in monster.xml file.. I think is something about my datapack...
  4. wafuboe

    Summon check vocation

    Hello i was wondering if there is a way yo allow certain summons for a vocatiom to invoke is there a way to do this?? Thank you in using tfs 1.3
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    door to pass need to kill x bosses

  6. wafuboe

    Cant open my map file

    Github you mean?
  7. wafuboe

    Advanced NPC quest system

    Ill try it for sure thank you!
  8. wafuboe

    door to pass need to kill x bosses

    Hello i need a sciprt that if you kill for example 3 diferent bosses you gain access through the door for one day im using tfs 1.3 Thank you so much in advance
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    Cant open my map file

    git history whatis that?
  10. wafuboe

    Cant open my map file

    Hello well i was working on my map then my computer suddenly Blues screen now when i try to open the map rme. Crashes when i try to importa it remere crashes. It goes extreme slow with my map file. It has weeks of progresos what can o do to fix this issuw o need my map aswell cant rin consolé...
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    helpme understand this script

  12. wafuboe

    Request usewith 30 items on item map remove stalagmites and create teleport

    Hello im requesting a simplescript if you use 30 of x items on an item on the map a stalagmite in x position will transform into a tp with position and in x seconds it will reset to a stalagmite and to use the 30 items on it again. Im using tfs 1.3 thank you!!
  13. wafuboe

    error on console warzone script

    hi i was just configuring warzones 456 to my server when i got this error on console imusing tfs 1.3 i click on the big blue crystals and the error pops aswell trying to use the crystaks on the hollow geode to open the boss teleport usingcrystasl.lua local beastPositions = { [1] =...
  14. wafuboe

    helpme understand this script

    well im trying to configure warzone 4 5 6 to my map but i have problems with this one in particular i really dont know what the part of clearing should the positions go can anyone help me out describing what the positions do? thank you! local stalagmites = Tile(Position(236, 84...
  15. wafuboe

    error on console item a nilvalue

    im using tfs 1.3 for this here is the line in the file if item.itemid == STATS_SYSTEM_CONFIG.GEM_REMOVE_SLOT then thanks i appreciate it
  16. wafuboe

    [REQUEST] Task system 1.2

    ill pm you a task system since i cannot post it public in forums
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    [REQUEST] Task system 1.2

    have you try limos?
  18. wafuboe

    player a nil value and callback error npc

    well i got these errors on console the holly one it just spamming the console and the another one is when talking with albinius about LAST PORTAL im using tfs 1.3 otx 3.10 holly.lua function onStepIn(creature, item, position, fromPosition) local player = creature:getPlayer() local...