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  1. Apollos

    Is it down?

    Works for me.
  2. Apollos

    How to make talkaction command don't appear in Default Channel?

    Like I said in my post the onSay function in lua. Unless this is the only place ghost is referenced. If not then yeah try return false there.
  3. Apollos

    How to make talkaction command don't appear in Default Channel?

    At least in newer TFS versions if you return false out of the onSay func it will negate the console message.
  4. Apollos

    Lua Globalevent dont start

    You're activating the event at hour 17 yet you are only allowing the prepareShutdown func to run if the hour is 3. There's no need to have that part in the if statement. I don't see a need to check the server uptime either. Just run the prepareShutdown func without any conditional statements...
  5. Apollos

    Need help with simple script

    Add this above it: local function getExpForLevel(level) level = level - 1 return ((50 * level * level * level) - (150 * level * level) + (400 * level)) / 3 end
  6. Apollos

    Need help with simple script

    This tutorial section is not for questions. In the future use support, preferably request thread, for questions like these. function onLogin(player) if player:getLevel() < 8 then player:addExperience(getExpForLevel(8) - player:getExperience(), false) end return true end
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    Annihilator tile does not exist (Problem)

    Happens to me constantly. lol
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    Select query returning "true" -- How to get to value?

    There is no "id" in that query. You only are selecting "currency", if you want to return the currency then do: result.getDataInt(resultId, "currency") If you want to get id of the player then do: db.storeQuery("SELECT `id` FROM `players` WHERE `name` = " .."\"".. x .. "\"")
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    [TFS 1.3] Generate Maze Function

    This function uses recursive backtracking to create randomized mazes within a specified range. The maze is quite complex at times so very large areas are not necessarily needed. It may be used however you wish (talkaction, action, globalevent, etc). doGenerateMaze(fromPos, toPos, itemid[...
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    Annihilator tile does not exist (Problem)

    You show this error, 552, 823, 8: This position 552, 823, 8 is not written in your script anywhere. Also, your positions change from 552 to 522, read code comments here to help you understand what I'm saying: local player_positions = { [1] = {fromPos = Position(552, 821, 8), toPos =...
  11. Apollos

    Spell [TFS 1.2/1.3] Unnamed spell (looks cool tho)

    Solution on the first page of this thread.. Spell - [TFS 1.2/1.3] Unnamed spell (looks cool tho) (
  12. Apollos

    You may not logout icon

    Untested so let me know how it goes. Remove this if statement section: In Fight Icon Within Protection Zone Then replace this line: Logout Protection Zone With this: if (player->hasCondition(CONDITION_INFIGHT)) { If you only want the icon to remain but still allow players to logout in PZ...
  13. Apollos

    Annihilator tile does not exist (Problem)

    Well you seem to have some inconsistencies with your script. You claim that Position(552, 823, 8) is where the error applies but there is no where in your script that shows that position. Also if it is set up just like original annihilator then why do your player_positions jump from x axis = 552...
  14. Apollos

    OTClient Is it possible to export RME minimap to the game?

    Add otbm and otb files into data folder of OTC Open terminal g_things.loadOtb('items.otb') g_map.loadOtbm('YOURMAP.otbm') This will generate the full map and then you can find it in your user/otclient file and include it in an installation executable. It can either be downloaded to the...
  15. Apollos

    Tfs 1.2 Party

    Could either be that you are not in a party with other members or the members in party are not in the range of your spell area. This error is being triggered in one of two locations within this function: Player:addPartyCondition If you're sure it's neither of those problems then try replacing...
  16. Apollos

    Annihilator tile does not exist (Problem)

    There's something about that position that's prohibiting it from being registered as a tile. Are you sure you can walk on it?
  17. Apollos

    Tfs 1.2 Time Machete

    Or you can add these funcs by printer in data/lib/core/player.lua, it's the same process as krazy's script but you can use it for other scripts as well. function Player.setExhaustion(self, value, time) self:setStorageValue(value, time + os.time()) end function Player.getExhaustion(self...
  18. Apollos

    Action [TFS 1.3] Advanced Annihilator System

    Made some changes based on Itutorial's suggestion. Included isInRange check for players inside quest area within resetAnnihilator. quest_range explanation annihilator.lua local config = { duration = 30, -- time till reset, in minutes level_req = 100, -- minimum level to do quest...
  19. Apollos

    What does local & function mean?

    This dude is trolling.
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    Lua NPC Interface

    You're missing the cid on line 30. It should be npcHandler:say(thinkMsg[rand], cid). EDIT: Just noticed that it was onThink function. You don't have access to cid during think callbacks. So the best way to do this is to either set up a VoiceModule which can be found in otland and some other...