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    happy birthday

    today is birthday of @god_wille @GOD Wille
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    On a serious note, though...

    Hi guys. As of now, I'm asking you one thing. I do not EXPECT you to read this, I do not ASK you to read this, I HOPE you will read this, and try to understand. As you all probaly know, I haven't been very well liked on this forum. I'm here today, to tell my story. Therefore, I hope you shall...
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    omgomgomgomgomg i cant bleive this i just won 10,000$ in lotto from my local store what should i buy i dont even know wha to do with so much money giv me suggestions
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    my fristajlo video collection (feel free to post some more)

    Original: Remix of original: Fristajlo guy today: Shit fristajlo video but I'll post it anyway: pls share if u got any more vids of fristajlo guy .
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    Music tastes?

    I'm curious about the OTLand people's music taste, what's your favorite song? My favorite is:
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    Breaded Salmon

    Yes, you are right. I want to start a topic about food. Please post recipes of your favorite food. My favorite: Breaded Salmon Instructions Heat the oven to 425°F and arrange a rack in the middle. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and coat an area about the size of the fish with olive...
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    feedback @this

    yea title says it all
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    I need feedback

    So I was laying in my bed thinking... Don't we all hate to dance? But then I went on youtube and find this guy
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    Ok so my old signature got removed (not sure why kappa) so I decided to make a new one. Give me your thoughts regarding this one!
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    I would like to thank everyone who has been helping me through this long journey
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    Dr. Phil - the man we all should be worshipping

    Hello Today I would like to start a new topic, that I hope many people will be joining me in. I would like to start a discussion on a well-known man, a man that I believe is the greatest: Dr. Phil. What's your opinion regarding Phil? pics related #thug life 2k15
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    Application for Tutor position in LunarForce by: Yoloswagger

    Hi there, reader of my thread. I've been playing LunarForce now for almostly 2 months - and I'm really enjoying it. I'm having lots of funs with all of my friends, and everything's going smoothly - until some little problem pops up. What do I do? Well of course, I try to get in touch with the...
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    Could need some help from a staff member.

    Fixed - Delete post
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    Solved New scripter - what did I do wrong?

    Hello everyone. I've recently started to try scripting a bit on a highexp server(, but I have reached an "wall". I really can't get this script to work, and I can't see why. It is really annoying, and that's why I'm posting, I hope some of you guys can help me! Basicly the script...
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    Millows mapping thread.

    Hello everyone. So yea, basicly I just wanted to show you some of the mappings I did for one of the servers I play at. ( - 8.6 high exp server) I'm open for any of your thoughts, and you may say just your opinion, don't lie to me, I'm only doing this to get better at mapping! Basicly...