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  1. seba2632

    [France] [8.6] Evolera 9999x exp custom War-Evo

    nice server 5/7 perfect score
  2. seba2632

    Happy new years OTLand!

    Happy new year! Just now 3 minutes ago it turned 2017 in Denmark :)
  3. seba2632

    Lua CreatureScript Log In Error-GetRewardList

    nice nick aer you me?
  4. seba2632

    Chester Thread "Shadow Era"

    Love what you did on the left side with the cave borders/grass. Looks pretty good in total.
  5. seba2632

    Lua LUA doubt

  6. seba2632

    Compiling Unfair Fight 8.60 0.4

    #top the upic
  7. seba2632

    Creativity - Post your mapping ideas

    this is great
  8. seba2632

    Mapper Looking to do some light work

    I must say I have to agree with Owned, although he said it a bit rough.. Adraxium, you are obviously still a new mapper. I'm not quite sure why you spend a couple hours on something, and then expect a payment. You're going to need to invest some serious time before you can get paid for this...
  9. seba2632

    OpenTibia Tibia 11 IP Changer

    I don't think Joe has compiled the new release yet, that would mean if the server you are running is somewhere else than your very own local host, you will need the ipchanger compiled by yourself. Also, when using the new tibia, 11 that is, there is no use of a so to speak login server anymore...
  10. seba2632

    [Urgent] Extensions for versions 7.x

    spr is needed for the folders in rme
  11. seba2632

    @First map...

    Don't use autoborder.
  12. seba2632

    Upcoming server I need ideas and thoughts

    keep up the good liker like for: . birds \/
  13. seba2632

    quest chest question

    f6 @GOD Wille here is the help thread you seeking
  14. seba2632

    npc problem dont open npc window

  15. seba2632

    BulawOw From Zero to Map Makera

    just going to copy my comment here real quick: Stop using autoborder
  16. seba2632

    BulawOw From Zero to Map Makera

    Stop using autoborder
  17. seba2632


    wtf ??
  18. seba2632

    [8.6] Vinivine's Re-mapping Rookgaard Project

    Are you making an exact replica of rookgaard? Seems stupid, why not use the resources that this forum provides. Also I doubt it would take months making a replica, but surely depends on how much time you spend each day
  19. seba2632

    Tarke1337 Birthday

    Happy birthday Lord Vissie
  20. seba2632

    To sink The Lukewarm tibia Mode

    I get your idea, but this was so poorly executed...