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  1. zbizu

    Complaint double standards

    I reported this post: https://otland.net/threads/what-is-allowed-and-what-isnt-allowed-on-otland.273089/post-2630083 the mod response was: but when I say word "fuck" as a synonym of "work" in a PRIVATE MESSAGE, you have a problem with it the (translated) message I got a warning for was: do...
  2. zbizu

    santa hats bugged on mobile view

    They're oversized and clip on avatar edges. All styles affected. edit: or was that supposed to be a snow heap? It's clipped on desktop too.
  3. zbizu

    Thoughts on monster level system?

    If you had a chance to add a monster level system of your design to your server: how would the level be calculated? what would you use it for? (which places on map, which monsters, which quests/events, etc) how would you configure it? Assume this: the code can do whatever you imagine you...
  4. zbizu

    Reading console errors

    For some reason a lot of people have trouble reading console errors and it makes me feel as if ability to read console errors was some ancient wisdom. In this tutorial you will learn to understand errors in your scripts. case 1: server closes and you can't read the error message: If you're on...
  5. zbizu

    OTClient decoding protocol userdata

    Hello. I'm trying to obtain server info for otclient through Protocol methods. Example in php: renatorib/otinfo (https://github.com/renatorib/otinfo) my code is: HOST = '' PORT = 7171 function sendTestingRequest() if not HOST then return end local protocol =...
  6. zbizu

    Triple anniversary

    Hello OtLand! Tomorrow (22nd Nov) is a very important day to me. It marks my 10th year on this forum and is also my 25th birthday. At December 18 it will also be 15 years since I started playing Tibia. Time sure flies fast so I think that's a good moment to share my story with you. I started...
  7. zbizu

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.3] block unofficial clients

    This script allows you to prevent players from playing clients that aren't whitelisted by the script preview: creaturescripts.xml: <event type="login" name="clientControlLogin" script="client_control.lua" /> <event type="think" name="clientControl" interval="5000"...
  8. zbizu

    [10.98] client/server testing map

    intended to maintain it, but I got bored too fast, in case somebody wants to add possible testing cases I allow using that map for whatever you want screenshot from fps drop testing chamber: download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12S0me8-FWFVxJrI93orCwK3WAwlU2icB/view?usp=sharing
  9. zbizu

    [Discussion] TFS direction (to do list/new milestones)

    Since it quite doesn't fit issue format, I'm posting it here. We had a rough week discussing the client and how fixes should be shared, now what about the server? I think that we need a solid to do list that won't be just 2 positions unchanged for years or just a link to issues. Now you may...
  10. zbizu

    Suggestion otclient board for sharing modules

    Dear admins and mods, I would like to animate the otclient community a bit and get more scripters into writing modules. What do we need? A board dedicated for otclient modules only and maybe another one for support. (optional) moving old threads to these subboards Why do we need it...
  11. zbizu

    Suggestion :thinking: as a reaction

    Just a very simple and very little suggestion: I want :thinking: (🤔) to be added as one of possible reactions to posts (in that place where you hover over "like") it's a popular reaction in discord and should be relatively simple to add.
  12. zbizu

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.3] updated Slot System

    this but updated (no backwards compability) example set generated by player:generateSetTest(): example use: local it = player:addItem(2125, 1) it:setMaxSockets(3) it:addStat("HP", "+2%") it:addStat("Sword", "+2") it:removeStat(2) -- removes sword buff changelog: compatibility with tfs...
  13. zbizu

    [TFS 1.3] Dump all items with specified features

    what it does: dumps the items you search for in case of planning a system based on a specific group of items (creature products in this case, can be also set to weapons or basically any item property you can obtain through lua) example output: example text output(fragment): 1294, -- small...
  14. zbizu

    [7.6] clean YurOTS map (fixed bad tiles - works with any newer client)

    part of saving opentibia legacy project: Let's save OpenTibia legacy! (https://otland.net/threads/lets-save-opentibia-legacy.267396/) Map name: YurOTS / test.otbm (original filename) Version: 7.6 (can be imported to newer version) Temple position: 160/54/7 Minimap: Screenshots: <Link> Map...
  15. zbizu

    [7.92] Vanilla / Karmia / Devland / sadteam / Zorzin map

    part of saving opentibia legacy project: Let's save OpenTibia legacy! (https://otland.net/threads/lets-save-opentibia-legacy.267396/) Map name: Karmia (other known names in post title) Version: 7.92 (can be imported to newer version) Minimap: Screenshots: <Link> Map condition: either...
  16. zbizu

    Let's save OpenTibia legacy!

    Today I realised how much content is going to be permanently lost if we don't keep conserving the most important stuff. I decided to make a thread with everything we (this includes google users) are looking for. Things that need to be found: simone map editor (7.4-8.1) with a reference that...
  17. zbizu

    Complaint XML syntax too hard to read in very dark black

    idk if my eyes are getting worse or the colour is just too dark, but I can't see "min" and "max" on this screenshot unless I'm like 30 cm close to the monitor forum style: very dark black screenshot:
  18. zbizu

    TalkAction [1.3] Teleport where you look

    because wand usage has its limitations, I present you more powerful version of this: Action - [TFS 1.3] TP Wand for admins (updated) Script summary: type "/look" and you will be tped anywhere you look talkactions.xml <talkaction words="/look" script="tplook.lua" /> tplook.lua local storage =...
  19. zbizu

    Action [TFS 1.3] TP Wand for admins (updated)

    TP wand for admins, useful when moving through hard to access with commands place. Use it like fishing rod. Works through walls and can teleport you between floors. updated to newest TFS version (branch master commit 1af9c7dae4937f2c27c6117cc4a6e4e870a993d8 / 17th Nov 2019) How it works...
  20. zbizu

    [Discussion/Survey] What do you look for in servers? What makes you stay?

    Greetings OT developers and players! After a long period of inactivity I'm really curious what has changed in the OT scene. To be honest I thought that opentibia would be dead by now, but it seems to be in a pretty stable state judging by otservlist charts. Since I haven't played for years and...