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  1. Aurelion

    Lua Learn spells from chest

    Show me the original setup and try to stay with the original script, as you removed the isInArray part, you also need to register 3 different actionids (for each chest with each different spell). Edit: I've edited my own post to add the storage thing that i missed before, now it locks if you've...
  2. Aurelion

    Lua Learn spells from chest

    local spellsChest = { [10001] = {spell = "", vocation = {1, 2}}, [10002] = {spell = "", vocation = {3}}, [10003] = {spell = "", vocation = {4}}, } function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey) if not spellsChest[item:getActionId()] then return true end...
  3. Aurelion

    Bounac 12.40

    You need to convert by yourself the map
  4. Aurelion

    Programmer [TFS 1.X+] Aurelion's Services

    Hiho guys, i'm currently taking medium/regular requests as i'm currently training some guys on lua (revscripts), horewer, i'm not doing them (as i'm not available by myself, doing some other requests). Some of the lastest developments: Greetings
  5. Aurelion

    [7.4][OTX] RLMAP 100%, Port Hope 7.4, POI, Demon OaK, War System, Shared Exp ...

    What the client has to be with a wrong script?
  6. Aurelion

    TFS Teacher

    https://docs.otland.net/ots-guide/ Lua functions (https://docs.otland.net/ots-guide/tfs-documentation/lua_functions) Scripting (https://stigmax.gitbook.io/tfs-guide/interface-actions/actions-scripting)
  7. Aurelion

    [Help] Open Tibia Server

    You need to build the server on your own machine, as you got some experience, handling lua wouldn't be hard for you, as you want 8.6, you could start using this: - [8.60] Latest forgottenserver 1.3. Clean downport...
  8. Aurelion

    Programmer LOOKING FOR

    Create a thread on Support (https://otland.net/forums/support.16/) with the crash log and you will save some bucks there!
  9. Aurelion

    NPC Private war NPC system(War Anti Entrosa)

    This script was released with zero support and likely the original poster wouldn't give you any kind of help as it was leaked of another server
  10. Aurelion

    Programmer How can open tibia client in VPS

    I wouldn't risk my account doing a "bypass" there, i've tried it already and it sucks.
  11. Aurelion

    Programmer How can open tibia client in VPS

    You wouldn't be able because battleye detects that the client is running on a virtual machine
  12. Aurelion

    Programmer [TFS 1.X+] Aurelion's Services

    Hi guys, due to certain circunstances i'm not going to accept anymore paypal as a payment method (I'm not going to do a cry thread, but i have been thieved by a user of otland and my partner just me prohibited to use his paypal again, i'm going to solve this with the mods in case). Also, i'm...
  13. Aurelion

    buy original recipe damage 7.4 for TFS 1.3

    That's fake, even the public nostalrius isn't full as it's announced (There is a lot of incomplete formulas and even on the full version that's around isn't full yet), but that's another topic that shouldn't be discussed on this type of threads, the dude clearly wants to develop his server, not...
  14. Aurelion

    Tibia 12 one question

    No, there isn't a fully working sprite editor for those versions
  15. Aurelion

    Two programmers at 80km/h

    Exactly that :)
  16. Aurelion

    TFS 1.X+ Nostalrius Multiworld system

    Do you already modified the database?
  17. Aurelion

    My League Of Legends Sprites in Tibia!

    Create a single thread with your works, it would be better :)
  18. Aurelion

    Can I change the nickname on OtLand?

    You need to be premium
  19. Aurelion

    Cip Soft Client Modify

    You can try to call their hosting company, so you say that you forgotten the password to got the lastest files and also that client bro
  20. Aurelion

    [7.1] Real Tibia Map as close as possible

    You should make a github for this, nice project!