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    Special sqm

    local outfitId = 1 local addon = 3 function onStepIn(cid, item, position, fromPosition) if canPlayerWearOutfitId(cid, outfitId, addon) then return true end doTeleportThing(cid, fromPosition) doPlayerSendCancel(cid, 'You need full citizen addon') return false...
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    [POLAND][CUSTOM] World Of Dragon Ball Online 2

    Hi so its WoDBO2 cuz the client is 8.54 not 8.0 / if u will enter to the game u will see new MAP (its wodbo map but with huge edit ! new exp / new quests and others) , new systems like tasks / daily boss / events and others ! and you can see we got new graphics on server.
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    [POLAND][CUSTOM] World Of Dragon Ball Online 2

    =============================================WODBO2==INFO======================================== Client: own client ! Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland, on a dedicated server with 100 mbits Internet connection. Website: http://wodbo2.pl Port: 7171 Exp rate: Stages Map: customed old WODBO Map Loot...