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  1. Snavy

    Searching for members to search/help out with bugs 10.98

    In what way is this related to "support" board? You should probably post in "jobs" board.
  2. Snavy

    Rate my Items

    . . .
  3. Snavy

    Solved Send std::map to LUA as a table

    TFS: 1.3 I have the following std::map and I am trying to push this to lua. std::map<AccountType_t, std::vector<std::string>> finalMap; desired result & example usage: local result = resultFromMethod() -- finalMap for i=1, #result[ACCOUNT_TYPE_NORMAL] do local tableOfStrings =...
  4. Snavy

    Can't use Pick.. TFS 1.3

    If I understood you correctly, you wish to add another actionId for picks to open holes on ground. You could do the following: in data/lib/core/actionids.lua replace pickHole = 105, with pickHoles = {105, 110}, After that open data/actions/lib/actions.lua find if table.contains(groundIds...
  5. Snavy

    New AAC.. But not made in PHP

    whats the point of anything? life itself, objectively speaking, is pointless. But subjective speaking, an individual might have their own purpose/meaning of life. I would say that applies to anything one might be able to think of.
  6. Snavy

    New AAC.. But not made in PHP

    Where you do find the motivation xD ? I've wanted to make one with NodeJs but never picked up where I left it.
  7. Snavy

    Can't use Pick.. TFS 1.3

    🤔 have you tried actionids.lua in lib/core ? https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/245089122ead3394d5ac32bb054deffa8db7ca97/data/lib/core/actionids.lua
  8. Snavy

    Coding Help

    I created that function, it doesn't exist by default. If you need to create your own functions to organize your code, you can do it. function yourFunctionName(parameter1, parameter2 .. etc) -- your code here end Yes, there is: otland/forgottenserver...
  9. Snavy

    Coding Help

    Are you trying to send text+effect after some time has passed? The error you're receiving attempt to call local 'interval' (a number value) is telling you that the "function" you're trying to call interval(v[4]) is not a function but a number. In this script that you have, inside onThink...
  10. Snavy


    a) item has no attribute manaticks b) item can't be found. since return value of getItemAttribute(...) is nil you are left with temp = nil when tfs tries to execute if nil < 1000 you get that error. Are you ever setting manaticks attribute anywhere? EDIT: you could do the following: if not...
  11. Snavy

    TFS 1.X+ Castle event

    replace guildsOnevent with guildsOnEvent
  12. Snavy

    TFS 1.X+ check talkaction origin

    Is there a way to know, from the sources, whether a talkaction was registered through revscriptsys?
  13. Snavy

    New TFS logo / icon

    But the nut is precious to the squirrel :< take it away and he'll get depressed xD
  14. Snavy

    RevScripts check outfit(tfs1x)

    Try this. Haven't tested.
  15. Snavy

    RevScripts onHealthChange

    Thought it might be a behaviour OP would wanna avoid, but probably np xD
  16. Snavy

    RevScripts onHealthChange

    @Sarah Wesker Just noticed this while trying your code HP after exori spell hits one of them HP after exori spell hits both of them
  17. Snavy


    are you Moaz?
  18. Snavy

    Solved Item Shop Problem

    Outfit doll is an item so change param6 to "item" nvm param6 is item name Edit: @Daniel Kopeć do u have the correct itemid? 8778 seems to be a statue
  19. Snavy

    attempt to index a nil value stack traceback:

    It's ok, you're not alone :D Welcome to the club!
  20. Snavy

    Solved Item Shop Problem

    You need to provide enough information in order to increase your chances of getting a response. 1. TFS version? ( 0.3.6, 0.4, 1.0, 1.1 etc.. ) 2. Which script are you using? 3. errors in console?