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    🟥 [France/Canada][CUSTOM] Ranger's Arcani NPVP WORLDS 🟥

    Discord: click to join WWW: Custom Tibia Server - Ranger's Arcani (http://rangersarcani.online/) Youtube: gameplays, tutorials - RA YT Twitch: streams from time to time Introduction Ranger's Arcani is a project released in October 2019. Right now we have two nPvP worlds, one in Europe and...
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    Ranger's Arcani OTClient showoff

    Hey guys, I'd like to show a few of my modifications from Ranger's Arcani server
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    ObjectBuilder - Change transparency option

    Hi everyone, I've problem with ObjectBuilder, I'd change transparency option for my tibia.dat and tibia.spr files, but when I check the box and try to compile I got an error: Error: Invalid sprite pixels length at otlib.sprites::Sprite/setPixels() at otlib.sprites::Sprite/set...
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    [TFS 0.3.6pl1] "Catacombs" Teleporter like Diablo 3 Teleport - Great for RPG servers (Remake)

    Original thread: https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-1-catacombs-teleporter-like-diablo-3-teleport-great-for-rpg-servers.230015/ In data/lib create 010-teleport.lua file and paste: places = { {placeName = 'Cirith Deposit', placeStorage = 6661, placepos = {x = 1304, y = 891, z = 8}}...
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    ProtocolGameParse, can't read network messages

    Solved, sorry for confusion.
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    Scripter and mapper looking for a job

    Hello. I'm a professional LUA/C++ scripter/mapper and I'm looking for a job.  I have been working since 2009. Also, I'm an experienced developer.  If you are interested in hiring me, I can work for 12$ per hour. That was the price for creating map. I'm pretty fast at it. Also, creating map...
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    Many warnings after OTC compiled

    Warnings like this: ||=== Build: all in otclient (compiler: GNU GCC Compiler) ===| D:\otclient-master\src\framework\stdext\time.cpp||In function 'void stdext::millisleep(std::size_t)':| D:\otclient-master\src\framework\stdext\time.cpp|52|warning: 'int usleep(useconds_t)' is deprecated (declared...
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    Change size of game window

    I resize game window from: setVisibleDimension({width = 15, height = 11}) To: setVisibleDimension({width = 33, height = 17}) And somewhere on the map, if I walk around that places I've got an error: And I can't log in on this character until I leave this bug place. But when I change window...
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    Pytanie do wyjadaczy Cpp. Wysyłam z OTC pakiet z jedną stałą: void ProtocolGame::parseMessageChoose(NetworkMessage& msg) { const std::string text = msg.GetString(); g_game.playerSendRequestMessage(player, text); } W game.cpp przesyłam ją do najbliżej stojących NPCtów i przechodzi dalej...
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    How can I draw a circle around creatures, like: drawBoundingRect or drawFilledTriangle.?
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    OTClient.exe file doesn't work

    I compiled otclient source into CodeBlocks: And when I try to open the client I've an error and client crashed: I've 'Relased' CMake type and client have ~7Mb
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    New message types on OTClient

    How can I add a new MessageTypes (like MSG_INFO_DESCR = 0x19), so that the engine OT read it?
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    Compiling Dev++ Linking

    I have a problem with my DevC++. When I compiling my source is at the end I have a error, BFD (GNU Binutils) internal error, aborting at ../../binutils-2.18.50/bfd/reloc.c line 5305 in bfd_generic_get_relocated_section_contents How to fix this?
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    doMoveTo(Position target)

    Znalazłem taką funkcję w npc.cpp void Npc::doMoveTo(Position target) { std::list<Direction> listDir; if(!g_game.getPathToEx(this, target, listDir, 1, 1, true, true)) return; startAutoWalk(listDir); } Przeniosłem ją do creature.cpp, by móc sobie z niej korzystać, ale zauważyłem, że...
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    doMoveTo(Position target)

    How can I force a monster to move to a given position? I've: creature.cpp: void Creature::doMoveTo(Position target) { std::list<Direction> listDir; if(!g_game.getPathToEx(this, target, listDir, 1, 1, true, true, g_config.getNumber(ConfigManager::DEFAULT_DESPAWNRADIUS))) return...
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    Mail Box

    Szukam kogoś kto miałby działający system wysyłania paczek i listów, gdyż u mnie, na każdym z silników, które posiadam, ten specjalny 'dodatek' nie działa, a jest mi pilnie potrzebny. Za pomoc mogę się jakoś odwdzięczyć.
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    Oskar Mapping Thread

    Hello, here I post my all map pieces:
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    Zombie Event - Without Bugs! Work on all TFS

    MAP! Click to download map Make file into mods folder and paste this: ~~TFS 0.4+~~ <?xml version='1.0' encoding='ISO-8859-1'?> <mod name='Zombie Event' version='2.0' author='Oskar' contact='[email protected]' enabled='yes'> <config name='zombieEvent_conf'><![CDATA[ zombieRewards = {...
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    [C++] - function setPlayerShieldType(cid, shieldType)

    How to in the subject. I am looking for function which will give the player a sort of shield. In TFS 0.3.6pl1 not sure this function. I try with: player->setShield(shield); But doesn't work.
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    [C++] - Monster Defense

    Hello, Where can I change monster defense? I have found in monsters.cpp this line: if(readXMLInteger(p, "defense", intValue)) mType->defense = intValue; And where I change intValue on any number then monster have always to same defense (from XML file). Why? Sorry for my English.