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  1. Sajgon

    C++ RSA decryption crashes server

    Hello friends! I recently migrated from TFS 1.0 to latest 1.3 but having an issue with the RSA decryption , I am using version 7.7 and my server compiles with no problems but crashes when connecting with my OTClient. (The below file is from vcpkg/buildtrees/cryptopp/src/TOPP_8_2_0../rsa.cpp)...
  2. Sajgon

    Compiling vcpkg fails to install libraries

    Hello there, I am on my WINDOWS 10 PC trying to install all required packages for TFS. I am using "Node.js command prompt - powershell", running command "Get-Host | Select-Object Version" gives me this: Version ------- 5.1.17763.1007 I run these steps: git clone...
  3. Sajgon

    [France] [8.0] Midhem Online | Feast Season VII | 10th April | 2.5x XP | Prey, Task, Achievements, Crafting

    Feast [Season VII] launches 2021-04-10 Odin's Path [Season VI] launches 2021-02-20 Ragnarök [Season V] launched 2020-12-05 Harvest [Season IV] launched 2020-08-29 Norse Gods [Season 3] launched 2020-05-02 Dawnborn [Season 2] launched 2020-01-31 Sunrise [Season 1] launched 2019-11-08 Website...
  4. Sajgon

    MOBA Map [10.98]

    Hello friends, I am releasing a MOBA Map used in my on-hold project champsbattle. The map is done by bump and purchased by me. You can use it however you like ;) Kind regards Sajgon
  5. Sajgon

    Compile RME

    Hello friends of OTLand, I am in need of a compiled version of latest master commot for RME Map Editor. Windows Edition, please. I have tried unsuccesfully. hjnilsson/rme Upload here and PM me your PayPal for 20$. Kind regards, Sajgon
  6. Sajgon

    TFS 1.X+ Get item absorbPercent of element

    Hello, I want to get the value of absorbPercentPhysical for an item, is this possible? TFS 1.2+ Exampleitem might ring. <item id="2164" article="a" name="might ring"> <attribute key="slotType" value="ring" /> <attribute key="charges" value="20" /> <attribute...
  7. Sajgon

    Compiling compiling errors

    I am trying to compile TFS sources on my Windows 10 PC with settings 'Release - x64' . It worked fine before I just dont know what happend. I am getting this error 1> waitlist.cpp 1> weapons.cpp 1> wildcardtree.cpp 1>connection.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "class...
  8. Sajgon

    Programmer LF OTClient developer

    Champsbattle is looking for an experienced OTClient developer. Who are you? You need to speak english to understand tasks properly. You will work taskbased and be paid accordingly. You should have written atleast 500 lines of C++ code. Who are we? Champsbattle is a 2D MOBA game based on...
  9. Sajgon

    OTServlist - Idle time

    Hello, I would like to change kickIdlePlayerAfterMinutes = 15 to infinitive but how can I do this without getting banned on OTServlist? Kind regards
  10. Sajgon


    Welcome to CHAMPSBATTLE! A 2D game server with MOBA & BATTLE ROYALE. MOBA contains more than 20 champions and Two different game modes! A really easy game to get into with intense battles with Balanced PvP. Website -> CHAMPSBATTLE Discord -> Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Client...