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  1. freaked1

    [Sweden] [10.00] Gragon Custom PVP-RPG [Dungeons][PREY][Autoloot]

    GragonOT is live! Connection Ip: Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 10.00 Website: Gragon OT Hosted in Sweden, 100/100mb connection. Features Custom map, originated from EVO (~67 MB) Many quests, ranging from easy to long and hard quests, hidden treasures around the map. Tasks, some that...
  2. freaked1

    Solved [OTX3] !spells talkaction not working.

    A little problem with talkaction !spells. I don't know if the problem lies within the compat.lua or the script itself. Error message: Lua Script Error: [TalkAction Interface] data/talkactions/scripts/spells.lua:onSay data/lib/compat/compat.lua:1010: attempt to call method...
  3. freaked1

    Solved [OTX3] Gamestore.xml icons

    Hello! Does anyone know where to put icons to load when using gamestore.xml on OTX3? I have a 64x64 PNG in the location pointed to in my config.lua like: coinImagesURL = "" And in gamestore.xml I have: icons="13756.png" In images/store/64/ is my 13756.png...
  4. freaked1

    Solved [Znote + Paygol]I only get 10 points no matter which option.

    Hello! Since today when using paygol I only get 10 points no matter which paygol option I choose. The API logs on paygol shows the following...
  5. freaked1

    TFS 1.3/OTX3 Party + Task

    Hello! I have tried for a while in the support board but maybe I can post this as a request instead? I want this creaturescript to give all party members within a certain range the kill too, and not only most damage/lasthitter. Thanks in advance! function onKill(cid, target, lastHit) local...
  6. freaked1

    Lua TFS 1.2 party+tasks

    Hello, when a player in a party kills a monster it does not count for both in tasks. Is it possible to change something in creaturescript killtask.lua to make it work for partymembers within a certain range? function onKill(cid, target, lastHit) local started = getPlayerStartedTasks(cid) if...
  7. freaked1

    C++ TFS 1.2 life/mana leech + crithit chance/damage on weapons

    Hello! I would really like help with getting life/mana leech and crithitchance + damage on weapons. Using this release: Releases · otland/forgottenserver · GitHub I have tried for a while now but can't get it working, if someone would be able to help me out it would be very appreciated. I could...
  8. freaked1

    TFS 1.2 Raids

    Hello, if I create a Ferumbras "raid" and make it spawn Ferumbras every 3 hours does it keep spawning him even if nobody have killed him or does it replace the previously spawned Ferumbras? Might it be better to run a script for this instead of using raids incase it just creates more duplicates...
  9. freaked1

    Solved TFS 1.2 Relogging sends character to temple and runs firstitems.xml

    ** I realise the title is wrong, should be "TFS 1.2 Relogging sends character back to temple and runs firstitems.xml"** Hello! I have compiled my TFS first with rewards and after that I have tried to get critical hits and leech to work. When I use the version with leech + critical hits and I...
  10. freaked1

    Solved Return true or return false

    Hello! This might not be the right place and there might be information about this but I don't find it. What is the purpose of return true/false and is it needed for example to allow me to even click the thing in my code: function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition)...
  11. freaked1

    Lua shop command cooldown

    Hello, just a question. Is it a good reason to have the cooldown set to 15 seconds? Is it a big deal if I change it to 1 or 5 seconds instead? -- Znote Shop v1.0 for Znote AAC on TFS 1.0+. function onSay(cid, words, param) local storage = 54073 -- Make sure to select non-used storage. This...
  12. freaked1

    Solved TFS 1.2 Item attributes

    Hello! Is there any list of all item attributes that can be used in items.xml? Thanks in advance!
  13. freaked1

    TFS 1.1 Boss loot like real tibia

    Hello, is there anyway to make bossloot like real tibia for TFS 1.1? For example when you kill Gaz'Haragoth you get loot sent to you in a chest with a bag containing the loot. Or make it so that you get a bag directly with the loot. I have tried with...
  14. freaked1

    Solved Only use item X if you have nothing equipped

    Hello again! EDIT: TFS 1.1 I stumble upon another problem with getting a lua script to work for me. I want the script to check if you have anything equipped (except backpack). If you have something equipped in either slot for example ring, amulet or weapon/shield you can't use the item to...
  15. freaked1

    Solved Is there a function to increase max hp/mana

    Hello, is there a function for TFS 1.1 to increase max hp/mana? I can't seem to find it in compat.lua am I missing something or just doing something wrong when looking for it? Or what would be the best way to do this if I want to use an item to increase max hp/mana.
  16. freaked1

    AOE that only damages creatures

    Hello, if I use "exevo gran mas vis" in this example, is it possible to make it only do damage to creatures and not players? I only want certain spells to be like that. EDIT: TFS 1.1 Unchanged rage of the skies.lua: local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE...
  17. freaked1

    Paypal refunds

    Hello, have paypal changed their refund policies and made it harder for people to make a refund?
  18. freaked1

    Lua Upgrade single stackable item with jewel

    Hey, I'm unsure wether this belongs in Requests or Support. I have the upgrade with jewel script for my TFS 1.1 server. What I need help with is to make single spears upgradable. If I enchant a stack now all the spears become upgraded but I only want 1 to become enchanted. I posted the original...
  19. freaked1

    Heal Flatnumber onAdvance level

    Hello, I wonder if someone can help me with an onAdvance to heal flat numbers on level instead of character "max health". This as I have a custom server with items that can be modified ingame, for example +hp/mana%. to clarify: onAdvance that gives a specified number of health on advance...
  20. freaked1

    Reset storagevalue

    Hello! Is there anyone that can make or know of a script that removes certain storageIDs on players after serverrestart so that quests that checks that storage ID gets reset for the player? :) EDIT: Using TFS 1.1 Thanks in advance.