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  1. Moj mistrz

    Killstreak give a spell

    Spell name isn't "utani hur", but "Haste". Did u try it?
  2. Moj mistrz

    [TFS 1.2] Monster Attack 'Strength'

    Actually I checked Dharalion on global tibia server when I was making my monsterpack and I'm 100% sure it does lower only distance.
  3. Moj mistrz

    [TFS 1.2] Monster Attack 'Strength'

    Check my monsterpack. You'll get answers there.
  4. Moj mistrz

    How to check if is Night

    Isn't it actually Dawn - dark to light Dusk/twilight - light to dark ?
  5. Moj mistrz

    Lua Cobra NPCs spawning on map instead of the monsters

    Probably you have wrong creature type in RME creatures.xml and it's saved as NPC instead of monster. Go to RME folder, data/yourclienthere/creatures.xml, search for Cobra and Orc Berserker, and change both types from npc to monster. or go to your server data/world/spawnfile.xml search for npc...
  6. Moj mistrz

    Lua Spell - Change typeex

    Try this one. I've never worked on old distros, but it should work. function onCastSpell(cid, var) local itemIds = {2492, 7415, 2160, 2159} doSetItemOutfit(cid, itemIds[math.random(#itemIds)], 2000) end
  7. Moj mistrz

    Lua Monsters- Fast questions

    1. is a deprecated function which probably never worked as intended 2. 100 = never moves around target, 1 = moves like a crazy motherfooocker, I recommend something between 85 and 95 3. runs on certain health - 0 = fights until death, 100 or any other number = runs at value health 4. melee is as...
  8. Moj mistrz

    [France]Ranger's Arcani |NEW CLASS|BETA|FULL CUSTOM|

    Would be amazing if u upload this client on some other server than shitty googledrive since I for some reason can't log in nor download client from there...
  9. Moj mistrz

    Lua needTarget not working!?

    Remove casterTargetOrDirection and it should work.
  10. Moj mistrz

    Lua Monster one shots a player

    You can use both skill and attack and min max values. With your old formula max damage was - prepare for a high number - 1 500 500 000. Not without reason people were one shooted lol.
  11. Moj mistrz

    Idea: World War Server 10.98 - 10.99?

    Ok, if non-pvp chars are in then I'll play as Kharsek or Dev Onica xD. Btw making tops playable from 2017 is pointless. Max 250 lvl and it'd be ok.
  12. Moj mistrz

    Solved [Lua/Sources] 'Fire type' summons on Lava tiles

    Check if u don't use walkable lava tiles instead of non walkable.
  13. Moj mistrz

    Programmer Monster walkeable Fields AI - Only Pro's

    5.1 monster goes trough fields if it's strong to certain element type, even if he has the way around(try to use energy wall while fighting demons, he will cross it even if there's a way around to make).
  14. Moj mistrz

    Tfs 1.2 Reward Chest

    It worked for me, so I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work for you aswell.
  15. Moj mistrz

    Tfs 1.2 Reward Chest

    Well, that might be a bug. Please go to your data/lib/reward folder and open reward.lua(of course if it's placed there). Search for configManager.getNumber("rateLoot") and change to configManager.getNumber(configKeys.RATE_LOOT) Restart server or reload global and tell me if it worked.
  16. Moj mistrz

    Tfs 1.2 Reward Chest

    Lower the chance of drop so it will have less chance to get doubled. Btw. it works like that on global, you can get multiple rewards of the very same item, unless it's feru hat like u've mentioned.
  17. Moj mistrz

    Monster Monsterpack, spellpack and creaturescriptspack for Tibia 10.7(TFS 1.1) based on Real Tibia

    /\ what he said. It would be unfair to those people who bought 10.8-10.9 monsters. :)
  18. Moj mistrz

    Monster Monsterpack, spellpack and creaturescriptspack for Tibia 10.7(TFS 1.1) based on Real Tibia

    I've watched hundreds of tibiacast videos to get as much accurate data as possible, but I wont share my files. Not now anyways. :)
  19. Moj mistrz

    Xan Mapping Thread

    This should be a lesson for Cipsoft about how to use sprites in proper way. PS. cip new mapping looks like old custom maps in 2006. XD