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  1. Archez

    Gold Cup 2011 (final)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km8bwDyP2X8 There are no words for this, just read the video description. I DID NOT UPLOAD THIS VIDEO.
  2. Archez

    Selling Hunters Template

    I couldn't think of a better name for this template, but that doesn't matter. This includes: index.html style.css /images (directory) at_content_bot.png at_content-center.png at_content-top.png at_left.png at_leftmenu.png at_right.png at_rightmenu.png background.jpg background.psd Price...
  3. Archez

    Selling Universe Template

    Universe is the name of my latest work. It's now ready to be used by you! Price: 6.00 EUR Preview: (preview quality is low) http://img.imgland.net/VNWEIyHSUi.png Files: index.html style.css background.png Extra services: index.tpl (modern aac compatible) :: +1.00 EUR TOTAL: 7.00 EUR...
  4. Archez

    Best premium hunting places [mages]

    Which are the best places to hunt with a premium druid? (level 19) -- Yes, I am going to buy promotion as soon as I get 20, but I am tired of not knowing where to hunt having premium status. Thanks.
  5. Archez


    Yet another invention has taken place in my brain, I started 3 hours ago, and I am very happy with the outcome. I do not have any plans yet on what to do with this. I am thinking about using it as a laboratory, but I think there is the possibility of making this a blogs service, such as...
  6. Archez

    archezaac 2

    Hey! After taking some time to read all of the replies in archezaac0.1 thread, I noticed there is a lot to change, remove and fix. That's why I am going to work on a new engine, it will be nothing compared to the current one, that's something I can assure. POT will be dropped, a new MVC...
  7. Archez

    Archez AAC :: 0.1.0

    Finally, the first release of the Archez AAC is here! It comes with everything an opentibia AAC needs. However, I was kinda' forced to exclude the administration panel and guilds controller from the initial release, as these were undone. First release was developed by averatec, kavvson and...
  8. Archez

    Gaming My knight, druid and paladin!

    I just discovered I was playing a paladin, I guess I will keep using it. I have some money to survive, so it shouldn't be hard to level up. I won't reveal the name, 'cuz it's a open PVP world and I know you people.. :ninja:
  9. Archez

    Simple MySQL connection + use of array

    You are now going to learn how to use an array in a simple MySQL connection, using the scripting language: PHP (short for: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) if you don't know how to do it already. First of all, I would like to encourage all beginners to look at this tutorials first...
  10. Archez


    This is just the same thing Feloth asked you people, I just implemented this system to Archez Store and it's as simple as Feloth's en.txt. If you want to translate it to your language, you are free to do so, and in exchange, you will receive a free premium subscription on the store ( still...
  11. Archez

    Archez Store

    ARCHEZ'S PROJECTS | a small fundation for my projects EVEN A CENT IS ENOUGH TO SUPPORT THE CAUSE ALERTPAY | PAYPAL (both: [email protected]) ___________________________________ Here I go, once again with an attempt of creating a store, 'cuz as most of you people know, I tried to do this seven...
  12. Archez

    Copyright on BB code?

    No, the OtLand administration can't do that because of various reasons, however, our forum administration has suggested you (users) to post your advertisement first post as an image made by you, because of the users that have been copying others advertisement content. Quoting an administrator...
  13. Archez

    @ Lua scripters

    Which tables would you need to script a proper shop system communication script? I mean, Gesior AAC z_ots_communication is a God damn mess, and I want to do something clean and understandable, not just "param1", "param2", "param3", etc... So you tell me, which tables would you need? (please) :)
  14. Archez

    Selling Lyria 8.6 datapack

    I am not the maker, I just found it. The server is practically read to make money. Features: - stable and optimized server - really big evolutions map (with svargrond arena and stuff) - experience already set for downloading and running the server if an RPG OT is what you want - balance...
  15. Archez

    Archez AAC

    DEVELOPMENT THREAD Our goal: Give people a choice. Official Developers: - archez - kavvson Ex-developers: - averatec Donators: - bilmattan PREVIEWS WITH REDESIGNED WORGEN TEMPLATE: http://img04.imgland.net/CMTJGFnmv.png (overview) http://img03.imgland.net/jlJ9AcdEww.png (highscores)...
  16. Archez

    Too many redirects!

    I am having troubles solving this: if(!isset($_REQUEST['read'])) { header('Location: ' .PATH . '/index.php?read=' . $config['website']['index']); } if(isset($_REQUEST['read']) && !file_exists(PATH . '/system/pages/' . strtolower($_REQUEST['read']) . '.php')) { header('Location: '...
  17. Archez

    [Gesior AAC] Achievements + Secret

    Well, it's been a long since I don't post something for you people. This time, I bring the achievements script in my hands. You will need this: http://otland.net/f81/achievements-lib-talkaction-122039/ Credits: darkhaos (creator of the achievements in-game script) Chris (he made it possible)...
  18. Archez

    [8.60] Small Village - unfinished

    Hello, you are about to see what I've been doing the past 2 hours in my computer. Map version: 8.60 Minimap: http://img04.imgland.net/jPHCMSg9Ju.png More screenshots: http://img.imgland.net/wZ07kKezM9.png http://img.imgland.net/koHOrSaan5.png Download: (password: otland.net)
  19. Archez

    Wait function [lua]

    I was wondering if there is any function to pause the script for a few seconds. Example: doCreatureSay(cid, 'Wait 1 second.', TALKTYPE_ORANGE_1) superWaitFunction(1000) doCreatureSay(cid, 'Ok!', TALKTYPE_ORANGE_1) I already tried wait(), but it doesn't work. I don't even know if...
  20. Archez

    Selling Heaven Template (scripted + support for Modern AAC/Gesior AAC)!

    Hello. :) I want to introduce you to my latest piece of work, the Heaven Template. Preview (with watermark): http://img.imgland.net/xz19CniWsR.png http://img.imgland.net/lEZK8PctCy.png If you are really interested, send me a private message.