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  1. Bakasura

    my window doesn't close

    I'll say it again: terminate() function doesn't execute on character logout. It works when you totally exit the client. You won't see it's effect untill you open the terminal log file.
  2. Bakasura

    my window doesn't close

    I have read that here so I must make it right: otmod unload function (customary terminate()) doesn't execute on character logout. Your whole code is so messy so we cannot help you in a simple way. Let's try to make some changes: First: you must make your whitespaces clear cause your code is...
  3. Bakasura

    OTClient Helps with OTC UI

    Your window is defined as miniwindow so you should find the miniwindow style in data/styles (in original OTC) edubart/otclient (https://github.com/edubart/otclient/blob/872abf05f49180f08436ea9248220319a2cbe680/data/styles/30-miniwindow.otui#L30) In this case, when you have your style defined in...
  4. Bakasura

    OTClient Helps with OTC UI

    Find the X button in OTUI files of the module and add @onClick: onoff() alternatively you can do this in your init/create function of the module someXbuttonVariable.onClick = onoff
  5. Bakasura

    HP bars in PNG

    See drawImage function in framework/ui/uiwidgetimage.cpp. There you have the built-in way to clip images without resizing them.
  6. Bakasura

    How to parse server ID to client ID?

    You can also load XML and OTB files on client start and use ItemType's parameters with client-side functions without sending them from server. There are some pros and cons of both solutions. With mine you have to "publish" your valueable files.
  7. Bakasura

    How to print source value to OTClient?

  8. Bakasura

    [OTClient Mod] Auto Screenshot and Fast Screenshot

    Hi! I'm also trying to implement this amazing feature to our OTC but my problem is that screenshots work good until player changes the geometry of the window - after resizing, entering the fullscreen (leaving fullscreen doesn't fix). Doing any geometry changes causes that some part of the...
  9. Bakasura

    Running any bot on DBLOTS OtClient

    Hello! I'm afraid I cannot help you my friend. You won't apply Candybot and any other bots into our OTClient. Moreover, you won't be able to connect OTClientV8 with DBLots. But can you write me your character name? :) Regards
  10. Bakasura

    [OTClient Showoff] Show off your OTClient project/module/UI and other

    Action Bar created for dblots.org.pl and adapted for narutostory.net
  11. Bakasura

    HELP!!! Own Client.exe

    By default it will be data/things
  12. Bakasura

    [OTClient Showoff] Show off your OTClient project/module/UI and other

    Filters for autoloot created for dblots.org.pl
  13. Bakasura

    Simulate walking creatures

    Hey! I need some help with making my module more dynamic. I made the tasks presentation module with creatures displayed using UICreature styles. Now I want to make them move but I don't have any idea how to do this. First I've tried to set some event for changing the direction using...
  14. Bakasura

    [OTClient Showoff] Show off your OTClient project/module/UI and other

    Missions module and minor changes created for dblots.org.pl (showoff by Knrde)