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  1. Nemphis

    Remove MAGIC WALL and WILD GROWTH when step in

    So if someone puts a mw in PvP your opponent can remove it by walking on it?
  2. Nemphis

    ¿Old/new school server? 7x + 11x

    whats the Point with offline training and training weapons? go with one of them.
  3. Nemphis

    The end - for botters. BattlEye comes to Tibia

    Anyone playing on the brand new servers?
  4. Nemphis

    The Unknown | Mapping Thread

    me likey
  5. Nemphis

    TFS 1.X+ Can you Hide a character?

    im using TFS 1.3. I made this Quick. It works on my server. Put these two lines in movements.xml You can change actionid to what you want, just make sure the floor item you wish to walk on matches that actionID. <movevent event="StepOut" actionid="55557" script="test2.lua" /> <movevent...
  6. Nemphis

    Unnamed [PVP] server Discussion. Ongoing project of mine.

    Current arena bosses: Exploding Kitten: *Sometimes he stops to cast fire around self. You should move away from this. *ulti: teleports to center to cast something special. You should move away from this. Bigotaur: *cleaves in front of self. *strong normal hit. *when 2nd phase begins he gains...
  7. Nemphis

    [France] [7.4] Realesta RPG Low-rate, Long-term Server START [07.12, Friday 18:00 CET] | USA Proxy!

    My first time was like 2 weeks. But I died a few times and was the noobest of the noobs. I was in 7.4 or earlier. Also I was like very young and had school and homework at the same time
  8. Nemphis

    Ochmar, 0 - 365

    I really like your round wooden shields. I like the idea that 1 item can be painted differently with same stats and make them monster drops, make some of them common and a few rare and very rare :). Too bad they can't have the same name in items.xml
  9. Nemphis

    What makes Tibia special over other games?

    The thrill of almost dying.
  10. Nemphis

    Magic kinds.

    Ok sure I get your point. But still, feels like when you do exori flam, it's magic+fire, 50/50. Not only fire. Why can't you just remove the elemental part and just cast pure magic as offensive. And let's say you would add this as pure to spells. Which color would it have? Fire is red, death is...
  11. Nemphis

    Magic kinds.

    So I believe that if magic would have existed, let's say like in games. There would be elements, just like fire, water etc. But to be able to bend these to your thoughts and make them do what you want them to do, you need magic. You are nothing, you can't so anything without magic, this thing...
  12. Nemphis


    Feels difficult to advertise stuff like this. IF you enter a thread in advertisements and they put down everything, including pictures and a respond with even more info is about what you can do and what their features are is too much info. I ain't reading all this, takes to long. I'm not playing...
  13. Nemphis

    Phoenix Legacy 10.98 Custom future game

    Level is just a number, right? While doing a rebirth you could "go" back to level 8 with all stats etc. But you keep your level. So with your current level range, first rebirth you still end up at level 300, but you have the stats of a level 8. I guess you cant go back to previous areas? idk...
  14. Nemphis

    Monster Levels

    Levels could be used for experience. Example is you can only gain experience from monsters like 5 lower or higher than your level. Making it more difficult to level up. If you Always have to push yourself harder in order to compete with monster levels the thrill of gameplay increase.(at least...
  15. Nemphis

    [Rhagel] Oldschool - Helena

    More pictures!
  16. Nemphis

    Has there been any thought about things like:

    yes. all of them.
  17. Nemphis

    Phoenix Legacy 10.98 Custom future game

    Really love your chests. Would feel really good to find a golden or even a blue one. Make them free to use for everyone :D
  18. Nemphis

    Edited Evolera 10.98 Map!

    You have given it some thought at least, that's good. And not just some copy paste boss
  19. Nemphis

    Edited Evolera 10.98 Map!

    So basically cipsoft boss. Just a normal monster with high damage and high hitpoints