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  1. Awesomedudei

    Path of Tibia - Development Thread

    Path of Tibia's idea happened because the more stuff me and @oen432 added to Revolution (Inspired by Path of Exile), the more we realized that, This could actually work and be really fun. You will start out as an Exile where you get to pick between a few skills upon your first login. and...
  2. Awesomedudei

    RevolutionOT Looking for an active Mapper [Volunteer job for now]

    Hello there fellow creators! My name is Christoffer and i am the owner of Revolutionot.com and we're preparing for the Second version of our server with lots of changes and need for more maps. RevolutionOT V2 is gonna be a unique and new experience to the tibians out there with lots of promising...
  3. Awesomedudei

    SpellID's and their pictures Updated 2021

    I was working on my Server and i got frustrated with spellID Icons and the only one i found on here was very outdated so i decided to make my own. And ofcourse i'll release it :)
  4. Awesomedudei

    [France][Custom 10.98] Revolution OT Starts 23rd October 19CEST • 12 Dungeons • NO P2W! • Custom Vocs & Spells

    Hello everyone! Some of you might not know me but i usually go by Nowii/Bubbakushy ingame. I've been playing Tibia since 7.1 and hosted many servers in the past like a few RL maps, Cantera, roxxor, Yurots etc etc. But haven't been so active in the server making department for many years. I...
  5. Awesomedudei

    Lua [TFS 1.3] Talkaction Auto Bless ifVip() with on/off toggle.

    I have this creaturescript that automatically gives you blessings onLogin if you're Vip. But i would like to instead of forcing players with VIP to get bless a way to enable/disable it for them. local blessings = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5} function getCost(level) if level <= 150 then return 10000 *...
  6. Awesomedudei

    A Condition spell not working

    So i have a few spells which are adding a damaging condition But they're not working as i thought it would? Like the initial Damage works but there's no condition being set. local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_ICEDAMAGE) combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT...
  7. Awesomedudei

    Lua attempt to call global 'doCreateTeleport' (a nil value)

    Hello, i've got this problem with a raid script not working properly. It was working before moving to ubuntu but now it just wont. Oct 04 15:21:20 vps-******** tfs[64252]: > Broadcasted message: "Innocence has returned to his dungeon.". Oct 04 15:21:22 vps-******** tfs[64252]: Lua Script Error...
  8. Awesomedudei

    Zombie Event by Printer [1.3] Need Globalevent & Working reset of event.

    Printer's Zombie Event <<<<<< Source If i restart the server and login and then Start the event with !zombie start, 1, 2, 5 1 = min playersww 2 = max players 5 = time to join the event. The Event starts up and announces this in Server Log The Zombie Event has started! The event require...
  9. Awesomedudei

    TFS 1.X+ Action Item is not giving Store points if account has 0 points.

    I have an item with this Code on my server local points = 15 function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey) db.query("UPDATE `znote_accounts` SET `points` = `points` + '15' WHERE `id` = '" .. player:getAccountId() .. "';")...
  10. Awesomedudei

    [Sweden][10.98] Revolution OT Alpha/beta. Planned Release January 2020

    Server Website: https://revolutionot.com Server Address: revolutionot.com Server Port: 7171 Client Protocol: 10.98 Revolution OT aims to be the revolution of what we today call Evo servers without relying on custom clients. F2PP = Free 2 Play Points, Earn Store credit by just playing the...
  11. Awesomedudei

    [TFS 1.2] Teleport Pad System (Rewrite) ERROR

    Hi! I've tried to implement the Teleport Pad System rewritten by Strutz But i keep getting this error which i assume is because it doesn't exist in compat? Lua Script Error: [Action Interface] data/actions/scripts/floo_powder.lua:onUse data/actions/scripts/floo_powder.lua:23: attempt to call...
  12. Awesomedudei

    Solved Znote Aac error in Server log.

    pleease help :O the server is working and all but id rather not get spammed by this. I have tried importing ALTER TABLE `players` ADD `exphist_lastexp` BIGINT( 255 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', ADD `exphist1` BIGINT( 255 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', ADD `exphist2` BIGINT( 255 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', ADD...
  13. Awesomedudei

    Solved External entity and software version failed.

    Hi! So i compiled my own 0.4 and everything works but there is 1 issue bothering me, It gives me this error with loading external entity and failed checking software version. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? Thankful for all answers.
  14. Awesomedudei

    Zavar.eu Chaos discuss!

    So yea... http://zavar.eu/?subtopic=forum&action=show_thread&id=125 What kind of bullshit is this?
  15. Awesomedudei

    Solved RME Mapping Cant walkover some tiles

    Hello there, i got a problem with a few tiles on RME map editor. I cannot walk over these ingame. I have tried everything Please help :)