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  1. tekadon2

    Programmer [MapEditor] Develop a simple map editor.

    I'm developing a game but I'm not very patient to create a map editor The map editor must be very simple, you should get images in a folder, similar to the RME work Then you should put it in a window with categories, in which I can choose the sprite and add it in a large I developed one on...
  2. tekadon2

    Graphic Designer [Sprites] Develop a sprite package for an Indie game

    I am developing an Indie MMORPG on Unity Engine and I am looking for freelancers to develop my game sprites are on average 30 outfits as well as scenery items such as water, grass, trees, walls and etc. You can contact and make available a portfolio with recent works.
  3. tekadon2

    TFS 1.X+ Function that checks if the player is approaching X area

    A few hours ago I was trying to create a function in which it returns the player's proximity to a certain place as a percentage. Example: Player 70% to go to X position. It would be something like this. No need returns with the% sign just the value is enough. Thank you :)
  4. tekadon2

    Programmer Anderson Almeida, Developments.

    Anderson Almeida, Desenvolvimentos. I'm Anderson Almeida, I've been working for some time on Otclient systems and servers, I have a C ++ knowledge and game development, I've worked on 3 famous map projects and 4 server cryptography. Services: Optimizations in the performance of the OT...
  5. tekadon2

    I search, Spriter

    I'm looking for a spriter, to recreate a grass, or look like it. Discord: Anderson Almeida#1613
  6. tekadon2

    How to compile otclient for arch linux.

    I used to have a turtorial more now I can not find ja testei yaourt -S otclient-git and was not found
  7. tekadon2

    Actions Bars

    Hello we know that with the launch of Tibia 11 came new features like action bars, new curved bars of life, animations in the pointer, prey system, imbuing shine among others. We currently have curved life bars made by @MagicWall. In fact, could anyone implement the stock bars at the moment...
  8. tekadon2

    Mapper *Mapper* [JOB]

    Hello, my name is Anderson Almeida, I'm Brazilian and I work with maps; My Contact: Discord: Anderson Almeida#1613 --BR-- Gmail: [email protected] I have already made maps between R$ 50,00~R$ 800,00 - $30,00~$200,00 divided up to 4x in the Card The discount view of up to 20%...
  9. tekadon2

    New Bar OTC 11

    I made available to the new Tibia 11 mana and life bars in the Otclient repository, but I do not understand anchors and I do not know how to make it work, if someone feels at ease, it can help there New Bar Tibia 11 · Issue #923 · edubart/otclient · GitHub
  10. tekadon2

    Mapper Procuro Mapper// Find Mapper

    Estou procurando um mapper para um serviço. Mais informações no Discord : Anderson Almeida#1613 Preferencia: Brasileiro ou que fale português. Forma de pagamento: PagSeguro(Apenas) I'm looking for a mapper for a service. More information on Discord: Anderson Almeida#1613 Preferred...
  11. tekadon2

    I'm looking for spriter to draw some characters.

    I'm looking for spriter to draw some characters. Payment method is PagSeguro because my card does not pass in PayPal Brazilian Preference
  12. tekadon2

    How to make the player who is on the 7th floor see who is on the 8th floor

    I am trying to create transparent water, I have added the sprites on the client and activated the transparency in otclient, but by default it is not possible to see who is on floor 8 being on the 7th floor. I made several changes in the sources of the client more without result. mapview.ccp...
  13. tekadon2


    It's quite simple. I would like a script that when the player finishes the mission he goes to the other npc and continues. For example: Mission 1: Hello I am ... I need your help could you help me? [Yes] I need you to kill 5 rats [After killing the rats he goes back to npc] NPC: Thank you! My...