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  1. Daniel Kopeć

    Lua Only guilds can pass script

    I am looking for a script that will make it possible for only guild players to pass through the SQM (ground) or through the door. TFS 0.4 Tibia 8.6
  2. Daniel Kopeć

    TFS 0.X War Castle Problem

    The guild that won the castle can enter the castle and exp. It works fine. But the problem is that players who are not in the guild can enter the castle and exp also too. Only players who are in the guild but do not own the castle cannot enter. piece of script w-castle MOD: <action...
  3. Daniel Kopeć

    Jaki serwis płatności pod Gesior 2012 ?

    Witam, Jaki polecacie serwis do płatności pod Gesior 2012 Tibia 8.6 TFS 0.4 ? Założyłem konto na Hotpay ale nie ma skryptów na forum do tego pod Gesiora natomiast inne serwisy takie jak Dotpay, Cashbill wymagaja podana NIP chyba firmy lub osoby prywatnej.
  4. Daniel Kopeć

    AAC How to make a still background ?

    How to make a still background on Gesior 2012 TFS 0.4 ? I added background-attachment: fixed; to layout.php <div id="ArtworkHelper" style="background-image:url(<?PHP echo $layout_name; ?>/images/header/background-3.jpg);background-attachment: fixed;" > and the background is still but...
  5. Daniel Kopeć

    AAC I'm looking download.php script for Gesior 2012.

    I'm looking download.php script for Gesior 2012. Anyone have a nice script ready?
  6. Daniel Kopeć

    TFS 0.X Behemoth Quest give Empty Bag.

    There are no items in the chest bag from Behemoth Quest. TFS 0.4 But there are items in the editor map. actions/xml: <action actionid="2000" event="script" value="quests/system.lua"/> actions/scripts/quest/system.lua: local specialQuests = { [2001] = 30015 --Annihilator } local...
  7. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Vial of water did not work TFS 0.4. HELP !

    Filling the vial with water does not work :( I need this feature to be done dreamer's challenge quest etc... On the other hand, Sandra in Edron sells an empty vial. How to fix it? empty vial in item editor It looks like this: sandra.lua: shopModule:addBuyableItem({'vial of oil'}, 2006...
  8. Daniel Kopeć

    AAC Item Market for Gesior 2012 0.4

    Does anyone have an "Item Market" script for Gesior 2012 0.4 Tibia 8.6 ?
  9. Daniel Kopeć

    Lost Account An error occorred while sending email! Try again or contact with admin.

    I have GESIOR 2012 - Version 1.0.1 for 0.3.6 and all 0.4. When do I use the function Loss Account such a message appears on the website and the e-mails do not come with the new password to the account...
  10. Daniel Kopeć

    How to make War System on page Gesior 0.4 2012 ?

    I have installed Gesior Acc Maker 2012 version 1.0.1 for TFS 0.3.6 and 0.4. https://otland.net/threads/gesior-2012-version-1-0-1-for-0-2-x-0-3-6-and-all-0-4.176677/ But I don't know how to make a war system on the site. I see i have scipt wars.php but there is no Wars tab on the page. Can...
  11. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Gesior 2012 0.4 does not show support list !

    Gesior 2012 for TFS 0.36 and 0.4 Tibia 8.6 does not show support list. (GOD, GM, Tutor, etc...) How to Fix It? Its my team.php file: <?php if(!defined('INITIALIZED')) exit; $list = $SQL->query('SELECT ' . $SQL->fieldName('name') . ', ' . $SQL->fieldName('online') . ', ' ...
  12. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Gesior Acc Maker 2012 Login to the game Problem !

    After creating an account, I cannot log in to the game. Tibia client shows Invalid password. The new account and character normally appears in the database. Gesior Acc Maker 2012 TFS0.4 Tibia8.6 In config.lua password encryption is 'sha1' sqlType = "mysql" sqlHost = ""...
  13. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved STEP 5 Set Admin Account error

    I cannot set up the administrator account when installing the Acc maker TFS 0.4 gesior. I get such an error: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STEP 5 Set Admin Account Fatal error: Call to a member...
  14. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Search character name error !

    I get this error when searching for a player with a name that does not exist :( how to fix it? Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'E_OTS_NotLoaded' in C:\xampp\htdocs\pot\OTS_Player.php:1808 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\characters.php(66): OTS_Player->getCustomField('id') #1...
  15. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Serwer Status Problem

    The Status server does not show the number of players online. How to fix it? Gesior Acc Maker: var/www/pot/OTS_ServerStatus.php <?php /**#@+ * @version 0.1.4 * @since 0.1.4 */ /** * @package POT * @author Wrzasq <[email protected]> * @copyright 2007 (C) by Wrzasq * @license...
  16. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Automatic Zombie Event. How to make automatic ?

    I have a Zombie Event on my server, but I don't know how to make it run automatically every day at a given time :( TFS 0.4 Tibia 8.6 Below I am pasting scripts from data/talkactions: ---------------------------------------------------------- data/talkactions: <talkaction log="yes"...
  17. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Errors in the console

    How to fix such errors in the console as seen in the screenshots ? >>bounty hunters and lottery<< What queries to add to the database ?
  18. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Castle War [MOD] tables in the database Problem !

    I have added War Castle [MOD]. What tables do I need to add to the database to get rid of any errors and keep everything working? TFS 0.4 Tibia 8.6
  19. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Rush Event [MOD] automation problem !

    What to do to make the rush event start automatically every day at a given time For example at 18:00 ? TFS 0.4 8.6 here is my script: data/mods: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <mod name="Rush Event" version="" author="Lessaire" contact="https://otland.net/members/lessaire/"...
  20. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Rush Event BUG Problem !

    While the Rush Event is running, every player who dies (even the one who is not participating in the event) appears at the temple event after death. So if, for example, someone hunts and dies, he will appear on the event after death ( During the rush event). Where could there be an error in the...