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    [OTClient Showoff] PokeTreasure's OTClient showoff

    Hello Everyone I just would like to show my modifications in OTClient :) Poke Scanner: Pokebag, shaders on widgets: Skill bar with cooldown: Full HD effects (effects has 96x96 pixels per sqm): Fight system (NPC visible only for one client): Speech bubbles + cut scene system(NPC visible...
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    Solved DoCreatureCastSpell

    hi i have problem with this code : (tfs 0.3.6) i had no problems with compile. but when monster use a spell its sending magic effect but nothig else. Target dont recieve damage. i would be grateful if someone can help me ;)
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    hi, i need help with items.otb. When i try to create new items.otb file my OtItemEditor says: "Wrong items set" When just loaded Tibia.dat and spr to this program it said that zero items added