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  1. Klonera

    [10.98] Evolera DataPack (Work In Progress)

    Hi, Releasing my latest work for the community It's an OTS Project based on Evolera.se which was hosted up by GOD Wille (Can't find his tag) There's no pictures up, so I won't spoil it for you. What has to be done: Spell balance Mob testing (Almost completed) error fixes/map duplicates Enjoy...
  2. Klonera

    Compiling TFS 1.3 - Reward Chest

    Hi, Getting some errors. Any Ideas? Following this: https://otland.net/threads/reward-chest-boss-reward-tfs-1-2.233397/ Luascript.h // Container static int luaContainerCreate(lua_State* L); static int luaContainerGetContentDescription(lua_State* L); static int...
  3. Klonera

    TFS 1.X+ Promotion lost upon death (You're already promoted)

    Hi, I am using "The forgotten king" which defaults comes with the TFS 1.3 package. Once I died on my character, I lost the promotion and I am unable to regain it with the npc. Why is this caused? The forgotten king.lua - promotion.lua <- Original name local keywordHandler =...
  4. Klonera

    OTClient OTClientV8, Map resets on death/login

    What could cause the map to be resetted once you die? Does this happen to anyone else then me?
  5. Klonera

    RevScripts Lever Shop, change payment to item and amount

    Hi, Don't ask me why but I had too little sleep for this. Been sitting with this for around 4 hours on a non sleep and can't manage to get it to take my item as payment instead of money. Original script -- Script by Klonera/Joriku local testAction = Action() -- this is our header, the first...
  6. Klonera

    Any people that likes Evolera? (2011 Edition)

    Hi, I am just wondering as the title says if anyone still likes Evolera. I've been working alot on 1098 Evolera that'll evolve with time, currently it's the 2011 edition with a lil custom. Don't worry, not too much. Just a few sets are custom. Got in some custom things for it such as Token drop...
  7. Klonera

    AAC MyACC make the website picture stay on scrolling?

    Hi, For anyone that knows some website coding this Is with MyACC. My question is, how do I make the website picture stay in the same form 1920 x 1080 if you scroll in & out? Before: After
  8. Klonera

    RevScripts sudden death rune

    Alright, been sitting with this for too long now.. Why is it shooting onto the monster but not dealing any damage? local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_DEATHDAMAGE) combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, CONST_ME_MORTAREA)...
  9. Klonera

    AAC create an direct download on linux ubuntu 20.04

    Hi, Is it possible to host an direct-download link with a .zip file from the host machine I have? If so, how would this be done, can't find what I want on google for now.. - Direct download, enters link and automatically downloads it by entering the link Acc = MyACC If possible, post up for...
  10. Klonera

    Windows Create an exe file to load in the tibia.exe file, or create an shortcut

    Alright, So the client 12 Is loaded inside tibia12/bin folder. Now I am looking for a way to create an exe file in the main folder tibia12 to launch the tibia.exe inside the bin folder from the exe file in main directory. Or create an shortcut that autofinds it on a new computer. More...
  11. Klonera

    Compiling Max level edit, client crashes.

    Hi, Ran past an issue while I edited the max level on TFS 1.3 (Forgottenserver) https://otland.net/threads/editing-max-level-aka-717k-0-3-6.209672/ Ran past this old therd explaining it, but I can't manage to find the code in later versions. Anyone that knows how to get rid of this in the later...
  12. Klonera

    TFS 1.X+ Segmentation fault?

    Hi, Using OTServBr-global. Just got a random message and a server crash called Segmentation fault. How do I solve this? Got this: Logging with gdb is attatched also: I tried to re-compile the SRC but no progress there. And yes, I did check through alot of diffrent posts. But none seem to have...
  13. Klonera

    AAC Make MyAcc refresh updates instantly

    Hi, Is there any way to make MyAcc update changes onto the website instantly?
  14. Klonera

    TFS 1.X+ Change storage value? (OTServBr)

    Hi, Anyone that knows how to change the int value to big int? Trying to get print info above 500, me and @Xikini Can't manage to find anything out.
  15. Klonera

    Check out this If you want to learn with me [Twitch]

    Hi, If you want to check out what I am doing while trying to create my war-ot project in 12 client you can find me here: What I am doing: Website, Engine + Client inc. Trying to learn LUA scripting. Warning new at it. Mapping aswell, Questions or help can be brought too so just ask and don't be...
  16. Klonera

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3, Remove item on spot with timer

    Hi, This can be done through revscript aswell. But I've tried alot of diffrent combinations but I can't manage to solve this without getting an null error. here's the code for one item spot. Trying to make it remove the same item id on two locations. local wallPosition = Position(3097, 2945...
  17. Klonera

    AAC PHPMyAdmin error #1064?

    Hi, Getting an MYSQL error once I try to add in an "host" user into PHPMyadmin In-order to not run the server under a root user. I am not much for MYSQL and still till this day know almost nothing about it.. Any Ideas?
  18. Klonera

    Client 11+ (Small Battlefield Event Map) 2 Teams & 4 Teams

    Hi, The guy that made me map those maps for 8 hours @GM Mega Is now Ignoring my DM's. He sent wrong payment and payment has been refunded due to refundable option over PayPal payment. I am here for releasing the maps for anyone (Free2Use) for their project If wanted. Enjoy. (The CTF map Is...
  19. Klonera

    Solved nginx ccl certificate, website can't be entered? (ERR_TOO_MANY_REDERICTS)

    Hi, Tried to create an ccl certificated website now with my newly bought domain hoxera.com. What I did: sudo nano /etc/nginx/sites-available/default changed server_name Into: server_name hoxera.com; I did do this aswell.. server_name hoxera.com www.hoxera.com; Then: sudo nginx -t -- Success...
  20. Klonera

    Alright, tutorial time?

    Eyo, I am legit stuck in two places at the moment and figured out that I can do both at once Instead of giving up on both or one another when I really want to do both. Soo.. Instead of going into the wall again and stopping Otland/Tibia and Youtube dreams I'll just try to do both at once and...