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  1. pasiak12


    I would like to invite you to play on the YurOtsX (YurOtsX) that will start on 20.05.2017 18:00 (Poland time). The game has been designed for long-term play, where RPG feelings will come from quests. The gameplay is intended to be fun and dynamic. Now take a look on some info about the Server...
  2. pasiak12

    AAC A simple way to set default font color for whole website [ZNOTE]

    Hey ! I am using the great Znote account creator and recently I've put new layout on the site. The leading background color is black and the black font is almost insivible on it. I had changed some color fonts on some php files, but I would like to ask you is there any simple way to change the...
  3. pasiak12

    Windows Tibia 7.72 client - change process name through HEX edit

    I would like to set new process name for Tibia client. 7.72 version I am using XVI32 as tool to hex edit. I have tried to find 'Tibia' string, found 33 strings, but when I swap them all with for example 'Gibia' nothing happens. (Had only to change tibia.dat, tibia.spr etc to gibia.spr...
  4. pasiak12

    Webdesigner I am looking for someone who can create new layout for ZNOTE acc maker. [PAID]

    I would like to commission somebody to do create an unique layout for the latest ZNOTE acc maker. If you are interested in job, leave msg here or send me priv. Please post your samples if you can.
  5. pasiak12

    Programmer Tibia client-side anti-bot. [7.72 protocol] [Paid job]

    I am interested in buying anti-bot script/hexedits/dll file/whatever, on Tibia client, protocol 7.72. It should be able to block the most popular bots for that version. You can leave msg here or send me private msg.
  6. pasiak12

    C++ Adding new outfits in Outfitwindow from different ranges in 7.72 client

    Hi! I am working on OTX based on 1.x version I would like to add some outfits to the game. The Outfit window, from protocolgame.cpp void ProtocolGame::sendOutfitWindow() { NetworkMessage msg; msg.addByte(0xC8); AddOutfit(msg, player->getCurrentOutfit()); #ifdef _MULTIPLATFORM77...
  7. pasiak12

    C++ SIGSEGV at Tile::hasProperty(ITEMPROPERTY)

    I am using the OTX3 version I am having strange sigsegv crash at random time and players can't really tell what is causing the crash. Theres the gdb log: [GDB] (gdb) bt full #0 0x0000000000795074 in Tile::hasProperty(ITEMPROPERTY) const - Pastebin.com Seems like it is crashing while using...
  8. pasiak12

    Linux Why I shouldn't run server engine as root user

    Hello forum users! Everytime I run the server I receive the message I would like to ask you WHY I should consider running the tfs as normal user? What consequences could happen if I keep running tfs as root?
  9. pasiak12

    Windows Old tibia client (7.72) and Windows 10

    I just implemented custom tibia client 7.72 on my server, forcing evryone to use it. The problem is that almost every players that use Windows 10, have weird lags/freezes (like client side, not network) I can't diagnose this problem by myself because I am not Windows 10 user. The client I am...
  10. pasiak12

    C++ GetStorageValue gives SIGSEGV error

  11. pasiak12

    AAC Acc maker site marked as unsafe by Google

    Hey guys! I am currently running some small OTserver as hobby, having usually about 10-20 players online. I'm using basic znote ACC as account creator, and it's fine for me. Today when I tried to checkout site, the page went full red with information about dangerous site. Well, there is just...
  12. pasiak12

    Lua [TFS 1.x][Spell] Display distance effect on every spell field

    I want to create a spell that send BOLTs to every field of the wave spell local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_PHYSICALDAMAGE) combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, CONST_ME_HITAREA) AREA_WAVEBOLT = { {1,1,1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1}, {0,1,1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0}...
  13. pasiak12

    Lua Get item attribute from players slot

    I have item from slot local item = player:getSlotItem(CONST_SLOT_LEFT) I need to get attribute, for example attack. I can get it from itemType:getAttack() But I don't know how to get itemtype from item object. Is it possible with unmodified tfs 1.2/1.3 ?
  14. pasiak12

    stable TFS 1.2 , 10.96 client

    Hi I am looking for TFS 1.2 that supports 10.96 client. The github repository https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver contains the latest version 1.3 for 10.98 This branch https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/tree/1.2 contains 1.2 for 10.98 From history I can see jump from 10.77 to...
  15. pasiak12

    Lua Reduce lua code

    Hi! I would like to reduce my lua code. There are a lot of repeated functions but with another variables. I'd like to use there some table initialization like in c++, but in LUA. Example spell: local combat1 = Combat() combat1:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_PHYSICALDAMAGE)...
  16. pasiak12

    Tibia client TEXTCOLORS

    I can't find any colour collection on web that has example colors that are equivalent with tibia client TEXTCOLORS codes. The tfs 1.2 (for 8.6 tibia client version) enum TextColor_t : uint8_t { TEXTCOLOR_BLUE = 5, TEXTCOLOR_LIGHTGREEN = 30, TEXTCOLOR_LIGHTBLUE = 35...
  17. pasiak12

    [RME] clear/delete all the quest chests

    Hi I am looking for a simple way to clear or delete all the containers that contains items. Find function (ctrl+f) gives me a lot of containers (For example for chest it gives 1k+ results). Is it possible to at least display only chests that contains something?
  18. pasiak12

    Lua Custom ring function

    I would like to replace stealth ring with new item called 'mana ring'. I have edited items.xml <item id="2202" article="a" name="mana ring&#10;(1% max mana / sec)"> <attribute key="weight" value="100" /> <attribute key="slotType" value="ring" /> <attribute...
  19. pasiak12

    I need an advice on choosing a host server.

    Hey! I would like to rent some small server to host my tfs project. The engine hasn't been hard modified, so let's say the server would need to be able to run original tfs 1.2 engine + database + zznote AccMaker Site (or I should use another serv for the website?). The number of players...
  20. pasiak12

    Lua Get boots id value from creature

    Hi! I am learning LUA programming on tfs 1.2 For the first task I decided to modify the Haste spell. I want it to behave differently depending if the player is wearing boots of haste. This is my code: local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, CONST_ME_MAGIC_GREEN)...