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  1. Nokturno

    Lua onkill multiple lootbag bug

    hello. im currently using this piece of code wich i edited a bit to add lootbags to all party members that hit the boss but the players are getting multiple lootboxes based on the amount of party members instead of just 1 per player local function getKillers(creature, party) local killers...
  2. Nokturno

    Lua click to create teleport

    hope someone can help me with this guys. I'm looking for an actionID that creates a teleport on top of the clicked item. this teleport will index on several available positions. available positions are rooms that has no players on it or are in cooldown. activating this room will generate a...
  3. Nokturno

    Module designer

    Im lookiing for someone that can work on a few modules/server side. Nokturno#1627
  4. Nokturno

    C++ walk trough summons TFS 1.3

    hello fellows i have 2 requests, dont know if someone is interested in helping out. 1.- is there a way to walk trough summons via Sources? i want to let any player walk trough any other player summons 2.-a way to prevent party members damage party summons and vice versa.
  5. Nokturno

    local item issue

    hello ppl. im working on a script but im currently stuck in the code local function classifyLoot(position) local corpse = Tile(position):getTopDownItem() if not corpse then return false end -- Creating loot list local itemList = {} if...
  6. Nokturno

    verify if item is equipment

    hello hope someone can help me with this. im working on a crafting system atm and i need to verify if the item is gear (helmet, chest, legs, weapon, shield, etc) what im doing right now is looping the item id of every item on the list but i do not like doing it that why. so i want to know how...
  7. Nokturno

    Darklight [ Custom ]

    Im looking for ppl interested in working in a custom server. I usually like to work alone cuz i dont really share same perspective of a game with most of my previous teamates but i will give it a try again. Im looking especially for a programer and a mapper. I will give all the server info in...
  8. Nokturno

    Damage_type parameters

    Is there a way to add custom damage type parameters into an onuse item ? (potions for example) similar to a buff. Like +holy damage, fire damage, healling bonus etc? Even elemental resistance buffs. Im doing some custom potions and i dont know how to aproach it
  9. Nokturno

    summon get masters dmg

    hello ppl, can someone help me with this. im stuck trying to figure out how to call master's level and magiclevel values within a monster spell (summon) dont now if is possible or it is better to do this in a creaturescript event? I did that formula specting to get the values from the player...
  10. Nokturno

    problem with 255+ effects

    can someone help me with this issue I have already changed sendMagicEffect and addMagicEffect to uint16_t server side and enableFeature(Otc::GameMagicEffectU16); OTC side but effects wont show and also lags the client. tfs 1.3 /otc no compiling errors tho. am i missing something?
  11. Nokturno

    Spell request

    Hello boys. Can someone help me with this request? I need a spell that slows for 50% speed or set default speed, reduce dmg done ,drunk effect and change outfit of the target for an amount of seconds. Tfs 1.3 Ty
  12. Nokturno

    Lf worktrading

    Hello im looking for someone to tradewotk with, im in need of some upgrades on a few scripts. Im out of money atm so i can map in exchage for the job. Pm me if interested You can check my maps in my gallery https://otland.net/threads/nokturnos-gallery.262983/
  13. Nokturno

    Spell list module Error

    sup ppl im traying to add some extra labels + labelvalues to the spell list module but im getting errors in the otui file dont know if someone could give me a hand with this, I would appreciate it alot. so this is my spelllist my latest commits: vitality strenght defence dexterity theres...
  14. Nokturno

    Mapper High Quality Mapping service

    Ill be selling my services for 10-13$ hr if someone is interested. Info: -Can map in almost any protocol -dont like to work in 7x but... -i wont rework others ppl work. -if u want the most savage/impacting nonsense mapping im your guy. -i can work with normal and custom sprites. -pvp zones...
  15. Nokturno

    Lf scripters lua/programers/mappers

    Im looking for more ppl to join my project, ive being developing this project alone for a long time with the help of @Westwol and other coders, the problem is that is going really slow just with 1 person. I havent got the chance to improve the map because im trying to learn lua, spriting, and...
  16. Nokturno

    module developer [otclient]

    im in need of someone that can handle some changes in the spelllist module in otclient just some extra labels + filter buttons.
  17. Nokturno

    lua support

    i was trying to create this script that create a cage of energy walls in certain position using a lever but im getting some problems in the createItem line. dont know if someone can give me a hand with this. local timeToReset = 30 -- Time to reset walls in seconds. local wall1 = 5071 --...
  18. Nokturno

    Project name

    Hello humans. So i recently got to a point to decide that my project name was no longer matching my whole concept and idea of my server. The previous name that i was using to reffer my project was "last era" but the road has change and my goals aswell. So i was googleing some por.. i mean...
  19. Nokturno

    OTC job

    Hello im in need of a few modules for otc the main one is a reworked spell list (more info in discord). The second one will be a navigation window using predesigned jpgs. If u are interested u can post here or pm me. Ty.
  20. Nokturno

    Crit animation inside script

    sup ppl, dont know if someone cud give me a hand with this. im trying to add a extra line of code to this, but dont manage to get it working. if Creature(variant:getNumber()):isPlayer() then local damage = math.floor((player:getEffectiveSkillLevel(SKILL_STRENGHT) * 0.01) + 1)...