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  1. pasiak12

    TFS 1.X+ Should we always check the checksum of every packet?

    usually checksum confirms that packet has not been malformed during transmission
  2. pasiak12

    C++ Skill Tries, little problem

    not sure whats the value of skillBase[fistFighting] but assume its 50 so it should be: 50×1.1^(level - 11)
  3. pasiak12

    Tibiantis - reversed old Tibia project - discussion thread

    this idea is good, but I suggest keeping it in flexible terms e.g start with 1x and keep it until youre satisfied with the results, then switch to next stage ?5x exp? where you check how gameplay behaves on mid-levels. Again when youre certain that everything works as intended move to end-game...
  4. pasiak12

    C++ crash bug

    client is already checked in original code. If you want to use such check, add it on player ptr which isnt checked at all if(client and client->player) { execute code } Run server on debug mode, then gdb will tell you exact values on variables which failed
  5. pasiak12

    TFS 0.X TFS 0.3.5 Player walking through players

    no :D I need full environment being set up otherwise whole work will take 10x more time. Also about the time - I wont have it for next several months :|
  6. pasiak12

    TFS 0.X TFS 0.3.5 Player walking through players

    So its possible. For movement blocks in tfs 1.x you look into ReturnValue Tile::queryAdd(int32_t, const Thing& thing, uint32_t, uint32_t flags, Creature*) const func in tile.cpp. Should be similiar in 0.3.5. Anyway for debug events I think forum discussion wont be efficient and helpful. It...
  7. pasiak12

    TFS 0.X TFS 0.3.5 Player walking through players

    it is client-side blocked since the version the ability to walk through players has been released
  8. pasiak12

    [7.6]Transforming 2 items into one

    do you use item1 on item2 or just have them in bp? Please explain exactly how you are testing this. Good behavior would be also checking if item and item2 exist before you get their ids.
  9. pasiak12

    Increase amount of dropped gold from monsters

    It happens because loot is generated by server engine (sources), then your script is executed and the gold is added to last slot. You can: 1. Find (if it exists idk) lua function to move item in container 2. Best option - add countmin xml param in sources - just check how countmax works and...
  10. pasiak12

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.2 Night Only (Ingame)

    disable void Game::checkLight() and setup every player at login client->sendWorldLight(lightInfo); with lightinfo struct set to night
  11. pasiak12

    [Download] Tibianic DLL Sources (Client Injection)

    I've looked into skull function. Something here is definitely messed up. Haven't succeed in repair yet. Temporary fix should be: If you are not interested in modifying icons, just comment that line: rwxsu/tibianic-dll...
  12. pasiak12

    [France] [7.4/7.7] Eldera Highrated Full Real Map! IS ONLINEEEE!

    How did u get formulas from leaked files? Afair those are hard-coded there
  13. pasiak12

    How to change skill formula into

    Are you sure youre using TFS 1.2? afair setCombatParam(combat1, COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_ENERGYDAMAGE) is some kind of older version, you should rather work with smth like: combat1:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_ENERGYDAMAGE) then you will be able to register area...
  14. pasiak12

    TFS 1.X+ Tfs 1.3 pathfinding + changed client viewport

    With this change all the monsters will(should) scan map further. If you want to use this feature only on summons, I can suggest add some condition like if (isSummon()) ... Also revert all the changes that does not impact that follow system (especially map.h) Body block.. you shoud look in...
  15. pasiak12

    TFS 1.X+ Tfs 1.3 pathfinding + changed client viewport

    @Decodde On both videos the Monk now behaves another way. On the first one Monks went dance mode since they lost the follow target (master). Now it freezes like, he sees you, but can't calculate the path. Check if 'player follow' behaves the same way. Also please check those code parts...
  16. pasiak12

    TFS 1.X+ Tfs 1.3 pathfinding + changed client viewport

    youre messing in wrong place can't build it right now, but please check this otland/forgottenserver bool Monster::canSee(const Position& pos) const { return Creature::canSee(getPosition(), pos, 9, 9); } 9,9 range should work for all monsters view range. Just try to increase it From...
  17. pasiak12

    Scripter Scripter LUA C++ pokemon ots

    dont recommend he has not payed for my job (PXG fly system) and blocked me on messenger nie polecam od roku czekam na zapłatę (system latania PXG) po przekazaniu skryptu przestaje się kontaktować
  18. pasiak12

    Compile RME

    32bit version:
  19. pasiak12

    C++ Crash Bug

    Seems like it tried to create std::string from invalid data in getDescription method. I'd suggest to add some security checks there
  20. pasiak12

    [8.6 OTServ 0.6.4] Capacity doesn't update correctly on "conjureItem" spells.

    Hi I've looked into code and heres my thoughts: 1. Can you check if creating bread (into same stack) and fishing fish produces the same bug? They should do according to Lua code. 2. Can you check somehow if thats only visual bug? For example the available cap displayed in client can be just...