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  1. Snavy

    MoveEvent [1.3] Zombski 🧠🧟‍♂️

    Preview https://streamable.com/omlu69 https://streamable.com/t94vmq map setup code Create new folder in data/scripts, call it zombie Inside data/scripts/zombie/ add the following files: zombski.lua zombie.lua
  2. Snavy

    Action [1.3] BattleCity 🔥

    Inspired by Preview gamepreview (https://streamable.com/45m0vj) Setup Code inside your data/scripts/ folder create a new folder called battlecity (data/scripts/battlecity/) Download battle_city.zip and extract the files into the folder you created.
  3. Snavy

    Action [1.3] Bomberman 💣💥

    How to play - to place bombs use !bomb command Setup Preview Code (UPDATED 14 Apr 2021 - 15:56 - GMT+2) data/scripts/bomberman.lua Support If you have problems with the code, create a new thread on the support board.
  4. Snavy

    Action [1.3] Minecraft style crafting-table 🛠

    How to setup Create 3x3 areas place a lever on the desired side of the area. (North, West, South or East). set actionid according to where the lever is relative to the center of the area. These actionIDs can be configured in the config part. global.lua data/scripts/craftingtable.lua...
  5. Snavy

    MoveEvent [1.3] Snek 🐍

    🐍 Snek For TFS 1.3 🐍 How to play: (CTRL + Arrows) to move snake. map setup data/scripts/snake.lua local config = { -- Don't change ( unless you know what you're doing ) TILE_CUSTOMATTR_KEY = "snakeScore", -- Where players will be kicked after finishing the game...
  6. Snavy

    Lua Snavy & Levi - Free Scripting Service - TFS 1.3

    @Levi999x and I will be providing scripting service for free. The thread will be locked after a while but might be unlocked again later. [ REQUIREMENTS ] TFS: 1.3(+) ( github.com/otland/forgottenserver ) SCRIPTS: Actions, Creaturescripts, Globalevents, Movements, Talkactions INFO: Give...
  7. Snavy

    TFS 1.X+ Reading 2D table from lua in sources

    I have been trying to read a 2D lua-table in sources and I am not sure how to debug this. The error msg that shows up is "attemp to index a boolean value". What is going on here? myLuaFunction({ { a = 0, b = 123, c = "string", d = true, e = true, f = true }, { a = 0, b = 123, c =...
  8. Snavy

    TFS 1.X+ OSX 10.14 - LLDB / GDB - unable to find symbols

    Using TFS 1.3 I have made some modifications in the sources and am facing segmentation fault 11 crash. I tried debugging with lldb ( it wasn't compiled with -g flag ) (lldb) target create tfs Current executable set to 'tfs' (x86_64). (lldb) run ... ... TFS log here ... Process 27477 stopped *...
  9. Snavy

    Solved Send std::map to LUA as a table

    TFS: 1.3 I have the following std::map and I am trying to push this to lua. std::map<AccountType_t, std::vector<std::string>> finalMap; desired result & example usage: local result = resultFromMethod() -- finalMap for i=1, #result[ACCOUNT_TYPE_NORMAL] do local tableOfStrings =...
  10. Snavy

    TFS 1.X+ check talkaction origin

    Is there a way to know, from the sources, whether a talkaction was registered through revscriptsys?
  11. Snavy

    Implemented Stop adding floating effects

    It gets annoying when trying to look at a block of and have these effects float around while you're trying to read something. The rose-icon would've been enough.
  12. Snavy

    Only the worthy may read the sacred text

    Are you bored? In that case here's a challenge for you! Encoded msg: PO:PY::WT:QT:WQ::PQ:QI:PT::QI:PT:PQ:PR:PO:QR:PU::WP:PI:PO:QO::WT:QT:WQ::PQ:QI:PT::PW:PO:PU:PW:QI:PQ:PO:QR Hints:
  13. Snavy

    developing a product

    I am posting this on chit-chat board since it did not seem to fit jobs board description because this isn't related to tibia. A few months ago, my friend and I, had a discussion about an application we initially wanted to build which was a simple forum targeted at students of HS/UNI~ and make...
  14. Snavy

    C++ Help me understand a warning ("... hides overloaded virtual function")

    I've compiled 3777 sources from Fir3Element's repository and the same warning has been popping up through the whole compiling proccess.. the warning message is : ./condition.h:279:8: warning: 'ConditionDamage::updateCondition' hides overloaded virtual function [-Woverloaded-virtual] I wasn't...
  15. Snavy

    TFS 0.X [0.4] Setting up a test-server on same vps

    I am trying to setup a test server on the same vps using different ports. But i am not able to login. I have tried to use 7171 as login port but that only displayed the characterlist from the main server. When i changed to another login port it didn't even connect. is there anything else I...
  16. Snavy

    Compiling RME 3.5 OSX 10.14 - Undefined symbols for architechture x86_64

    I have been trying to compile hjnilsson/rme (https://github.com/hjnilsson/rme/) on mac OSX 10.14 I have installed required libs: wxWidgets >= 3.0 (it's wxmac on homebrew installer) Boost >= 1.55.0 I have opened an issue but the contributors dont seem to be active: OSX 10.14 Mojave - Undefined...
  17. Snavy

    C++ db->escapeString( ... ) returns '' instead of existing value

    I have compiled 0.4 sources (possibly modified) for a friend and it compiled successfully. when I started the TFS an error occured saying that database in config was empty: I have triple checked the database information in config.lua and that was OK. then I looked into the sources and traced...
  18. Snavy

    TFS 1.X+ How to iterate over depot locker slots ?

    I am trying to iterate over the slots inside player depot locker and find a specific container but I haven't found a way to do it. OTLAND, SHOW ME DA WEY! KKHHHT! SPITS
  19. Snavy

    TFS 1.X+ Container:addItem[Ex] - Does not add items recursively

    I am trying to send a reward to the depot of winner but for some reason Container:addItem[Ex] function does not work as expected. This happens even tho there's an empty backpack in the first slot of depot. How can I make it add the item into any INNER container (if there is any)? I have tried...
  20. Snavy

    TFS 1.X+ onChangeOutfit shows previous outfit table

    I am trying to see if the player is already mounted or not. While doing some research on this, I came across this event called onChangeOutfit. When I tried printing the lookMount value it gave the PREVIOUS value instead of what the player currently has. For example. Let's say I have a player...