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  1. Leshrot

    Graphic Designer The top tier spriter you're looking for!

  2. Leshrot

    Graphic Designer The key for the differential, an atractive look for your game!

    Hello! I'm a spriter (pixel artist and digital artist) for 8 years, I work currently as spriter in my project Aincrad Online and Shin Online. Here's my sprites and prices! :) Small(32x32): 20$ + 5$ corpse. Medium (64x64): 35$ + 10$ corpse. Big (96x96): 55$ + 15$ corpse. (No smooth...
  3. Leshrot

    AA, The technique behind the pixels .

    Tutorial – AA, The technique behind the pixels . My goal is to try to end the biggest difficulties that beginners and veterans end up taking the time to produce their sprites, often the problem is not technical, but it is the frustration of failing or not getting good results. First of all, I...
  4. Leshrot

    Leshrot Graphics Gallery

    Hello, i'm Leshrot! I'm new in this forum, and I gonna show some of my sprites. Please comment :) Thanks, Leshrot