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  1. Nokturno

    Programmer TFS 1.X / OTClient services.

    100% recommended, fast, makes adjustments and does very complete modules.
  2. Nokturno

    Feature [TFS 1.X] Player Can't Attack Their Summons and Their Summons Can't Attack Another Player

    @Yan18 can u teach me how to change it into summons not attacking owner or party members and viceversa?
  3. Nokturno

    The white city

    Try changing some zones into wood theme also the bridge. Ill prob do that . Some wood houses with modern roofs
  4. Nokturno

    Programmer TFS 1.X / OTClient services.

  5. Nokturno

    Lua BossReward TFS 1.3

    Ty mate ill try it when i get home
  6. Nokturno

    Lua BossReward TFS 1.3

    Does someone fixed this?
  7. Nokturno

    The white city

    #up No cap in my caption 🎶🎶🌮
  8. Nokturno

    Lua onkill multiple lootbag bug

    ill try this, thanks for your time
  9. Nokturno

    TFS 1.X+ Adding game tiles to 1.4 (downgrade)

    addbyte is misspelled i think
  10. Nokturno

    Lua onkill multiple lootbag bug

    hello. im currently using this piece of code wich i edited a bit to add lootbags to all party members that hit the boss but the players are getting multiple lootboxes based on the amount of party members instead of just 1 per player local function getKillers(creature, party) local killers...
  11. Nokturno

    The white city

  12. Nokturno

    Lua click to create teleport

    hope someone can help me with this guys. I'm looking for an actionID that creates a teleport on top of the clicked item. this teleport will index on several available positions. available positions are rooms that has no players on it or are in cooldown. activating this room will generate a...
  13. Nokturno

    RevScripts sudden death rune

    spell:isAggressive(false) ?? Dont know if that has to do something with the problem.
  14. Nokturno

    Solved Ways to protect otclient?

    is there a way u can show me how to do it man?
  15. Nokturno

    The white city

    love the gypsy vibes
  16. Nokturno

    Feature [TFS & OTClient] Progressbar for creatures

    try without #ifdef PROGRESSBAR and #ifdef end
  17. Nokturno

    Module designer

    Im lookiing for someone that can work on a few modules/server side. Nokturno#1627
  18. Nokturno

    C++ walk trough summons TFS 1.3

    the exclamation mark on !monster is showing errors
  19. Nokturno

    C++ walk trough summons TFS 1.3

  20. Nokturno

    Lua Xikini's Free Scripting Service TFS 1.3

    It doesnt have dodge system. And the critical system togu has, its diferent than the one cipsoft use.