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  1. BonzzoR

    PHP TFS 0.3.6 8.54

    Hello i use tfs 0.3.6 8.54 tibia. Its posible to add special zones to exivia? I mean if player on carlin and player who cast exivia in thais . Will see text "nick are on Carlin" and when he will be in carlin too, spell will showing "north est" something like that sorry for my english =)
  2. BonzzoR

    TFS 0.X Can some help me with TFS 0.3.6?

    hello everyone can someone tell me how to compile source files into .exe? I have a custom TFS 0.3.6 engine and I would like to do it on windows to do some things on my own PC, can anyone tell me how to compile the engine? : D I know how to do it on Linux, but I don't have much time to pay for...