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  1. mRefaat

    Programmer Looking for someone to extend limits of official tibia 8.60

    Hello I am looking for someone who can extend limits of official 8.60 client. Message me with your offer. Thanks
  2. mRefaat

    Linux OT is lagging and this a benchmark but can’t understand

    Hello My ot is lagging and this a benchmark using pref to check what is happening but idk how to understand it, any help? Using otx2
  3. mRefaat

    OTClient Extra exp for using this client?

    Hello I am using Otclient and otx2 based on tfs 0.3.7 I want to make if the player using this client will get extra exp. How can it be done? I am using 2 otclient ( one with active bot and one for no bot ) I want to give the bonus to players who are not using bot. Any help?
  4. mRefaat

    TFS 0.X Some console errors related to tasks and movement script, any help?

    Hello I am using otx 2 which is based on 0.3.7 I found these errors in my console, if someone can help to understand them and fix them. First error [30/5/2021 5:39:3] [Error - NpcScript Interface] [30/5/2021 5:39:3] data/npc/scripts/tasks.lua:onCreatureSay [30/5/2021 5:39:3] Description...
  5. mRefaat

    [Germany] [8.60] OxygenOT | RPG/PVPE | NEW EVO | Saturday 29/5/2021 at 12:00 PM GMT

    Hello OtLand community, I would like to announce that my OxygenOT is going to start next Saturday 29-5-2021 at 12:00 PM GMT time. I hope you like changes and things i have done with it. I was working on it to change and update many things for more than 3 months. Let me share some information...
  6. mRefaat

    [Obj Builder] error while loading 8.60

    Hello I am getting this error when i am trying to load 8.60 v2 client to object builder 0.3.3 Error: Unknown flag. flag=0x81, previous=0x0, category=Item, id=101. at nail.otlib.things::ThingSerializer$/readProperties5() at nail.otlib.things::ThingTypeStorage/loadThingTypeList() at...
  7. mRefaat

    TFS 0.X Load buffer error

    Hello I found this error in my console, but i can't understand what is this and where to find this error [18/5/2021 14:49:46] [Error - LuaInterface::loadBuffer] [string "LuaInterface::loadBuffer"]:3: '=' expected near 'shield' [18/5/2021 14:49:51] [Error - LuaInterface::loadBuffer] [string...
  8. mRefaat

    TFS 0.X NPC problem (item of type xxx, please report it to gamemaster)

    Hello I found a weird problem, idk what is this. I added a NPC Server Assistant to sell most of items for 1 gb for players to test. Some of items can be bought without any problems and when you look on them you get the right description like this Some items can't be bought and when you look...
  9. mRefaat

    Compiling OTX 2 on Ubuntu 18.04

    Hello I was compiling otx2 on Ubuntu 18.04 but i got some warnings So if someone can help me with this to understand maybe or fix? I tried the same version before with 16.04 and got no warnings. I can’t setup 16.04 on ovh anymore because the dropped its support.
  10. mRefaat

    TFS 0.X Training dummy DPS

    Hello i am using 0.3.7 i was trying to convert this script to work with 0.3.7 but it is not working https://otland.net/threads/training-dummy-with-dps-calculation.263659/ what i have done DPS_STORAGE = 50392 PLAYER_DPS = {} PLAYER_EVENTS = {} function onStatsChange(cid, attacker, type...
  11. mRefaat

    TFS 0.X OTX 2 compile warining

    Hello while compiling otx 2, i got this warning 1>..\luascript.cpp(11672): warning C4319: '~': zero extending 'uint32_t' to 'lua_Number' of greater size what does it mean and how to fix it? luascript.cpp https://pastebin.com/nZTjSKWA
  12. mRefaat

    TFS 0.X Critical script problem

    Hello i am using this script to make a critical hit system. local config = { storage = PlayerStorageKeys.critical_chance_storage, damage = 1.5 } function onStatsChange(cid, attacker, type, combat, value) if isPlayer(attacker) and (not (attacker == cid)) and (type ==...
  13. mRefaat

    TFS 0.X What is the best way to register many globalevents?

    Hello What is best way to register many global events? I am asking because sometimes a conflict happen and one event can cancel another one because they happened st same time. TFS 0.3.x
  14. mRefaat

    TFS 0.X Decrease the dmg players vs players

    Hello I am trying to find how to decrease the damage dealt from players to players. versions Tfs 1.3 Tfs 0.3.7
  15. mRefaat

    Lua Question about performance?

    Hello I am trying to make my scripts more cleaner and use less cpu. So, I want to ask if i am going to check some players to teleport them after an event. Getting them by using storages and check the whole online list or getting them by checking a specific area x,y,z? Which is better? Also any...
  16. mRefaat

    Lua 2 players with same ip killed someone? Mc in pvp

    Hello How can i check players who killed someone with same ip? Let’s say someone used another character (mc) to kill another player. (Not attacker and target same ip - 2 attackers same ip) How can I check that? To make it simple, check the deathlist of a player who is killed by players with...
  17. mRefaat

    [Germany] [8.60] OxygenOT | RPG/PVPE | NEW EVO | Sunday 10/1/2021 at 12:00 PM GMT

    Hello, I would like to invite you all to join our new season of OxygenOT! Here you are some information about the OT: Login information: IP: oxygenot.com Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Create account: HERE Server information: Exp rate: Stages Loot rate: x1.5 Skills rate: x25 Magic rate: x20...
  18. mRefaat

    TFS 0.X MySQL error when someone use !createguild command

    Hello I found this console error when someone trying to create guild using !createguild command mysql_real_query(): INSERT INTO guilds (id, world_id, name, ownerid, creationdata, motd, checkdata) VALUES (NULL, 0, 'Testers', 4541, 1604528383, 'Your guild has been successfully created, to view...
  19. mRefaat

    [Germany] [8.60] OxygenOT | RPG/PVPE | NEW EVO | Wednesday 04-11-2020 11:00 GMT

    Hello, I would like to invite you all to join our new season of OxygenOT! Here you are some information about the OT: Login information: IP: oxygenot.com Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Create account: HERE Server information: Exp rate: Stages Loot rate: x2 Skills rate: x30 Magic rate: x25...
  20. mRefaat

    TFS 0.X AttackSpeed attribute TFS 0.3

    Hello I am using TFS 0.3.7 for 8.60 I was trying to use this attribute on ring like this <item id="697" article="an" name="archer's ring"> <attribute key="description" value="It gives you +250 Health/Mana per second, +5% Magic Damage and +25% AttackSpeed. (Can be upgraded to +1)"/>...