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  1. CesarZ

    Web problem

    You guys let me know of its my modem or my page setup. I can access my page thru cloudflare proxy(ssl) but no thru the public ip number. What you guys think is blocking? Ports are open when i check with ip. If ya have a similar problem and solved it let me know
  2. CesarZ

    Problem with ports and question Logins

    right now my client just shows the character list im using Znote page. i check everything made sure every is equal and still happening. i went to check my ports to see if they open. the ports for my websites through cloudflare proxy are open the website shows and everything. without the proxy...
  3. CesarZ

    Coding Help - Stone braking weapon.

    I'm starting to work on "action" scripting now, and I don't exactly know how to start the script. This is what i have. im using TFs 1.3. Thanks for your help. i also think it has to do with the (target == 1304) because the other functions are not showing. I also tried (target == itemId(1304))...
  4. CesarZ

    TFS 1.3 PVP Arena Script problem.

    Alright the log is clean no errors appeared but its seems like is not executing the function because the players are dying. I took the script from a old TFS 1.0 and I'm trying to change it to TFS 1.3. I'm not running this in script folder I'm running it on XML file. function onLogin(cid)...
  5. CesarZ

    TFS 1.3 coding NPC script summoning monsters.

    can any one show me the proper use of Game.createMonster(Demon, Npc():getPosition()) sorry about my tags I'm new scripting i like to tag my sections otherwise when its too much i get lost. lol this is what i did elseif npcHandler.topic[cid] == 1 then -- if topic 1 variable is true then...
  6. CesarZ

    Coding Help

    Hello guys i'm trying to add the "interval" parameter so they can work with different timing. this script is the Talk-sings script. --Normal script. local t = { {"", {x = 781, y = 1002, z = 6}, 73}, {"", {x = 777, y = 995, z = 7}, 73}, {"", {x = 777, y = 1001, z = 8}, 73}...
  7. CesarZ

    Boot charging NPC creating.

    Hey Guys i have been working on my coding for the past months i have been working on some stuff, im needing a little help here. im trying transform the henricus.lua to a NPC that charge your boots. first im starting with the soft boots to see if it succeed. im Using TFS 1.3 so this is what i...
  8. CesarZ

    Coders need help

    im getting into coding right now im working with a friend whats the best way to get more than 100files on my Git hub? I really need this! I tried gitkraken followed the step by step and the files never showed in my repository. i see you guys do it all the time whats the key?
  9. CesarZ

    Text color question.

    With what function am i allowed to call the text color? TFS 1.3? examples TEXTCOLOR_BLUE = 5, TEXTCOLOR_LIGHTGREEN = 30, doCreatureSay(cid, "comment", COLOR) Doesn't work. It only works with TALKTYPE_ORANGE_1
  10. CesarZ

    Item editor 12.50 Error.

    Has anyone seen this error and found a solution? do i have to upgrade that "PluginOne.dll"? 1610565654 Solved by Downloading the 12.40 version.
  11. CesarZ

    Help Script.

    Alright guys trying to learn how to write code and update script and this simple one is giving me trouble. this is the changes i did. local failposition = Position(770, 934, 6) function onStepIn(cid, item, position, fromPosition) local player = Player(cid) if player:getPremiumDays()...
  12. CesarZ

    TFS 1.3 -Monsters

    Is there away to set a Monster folder on the data folder? im updating from TFS 1.0 to TFS 1.3 and i would like to pass my new monsters. The way they code these monsters LUA are different from the 1.0. I managed to take a couple folders out on Script.cpp file but monsters seems a little be...
  13. CesarZ

    12.x Tibia Coin Shop

    Is there away to change the tibia coin shop prices in the client? i have been looking for this post
  14. CesarZ

    Error on Wine TFS 1.3

    The Server Finishes its loads but it takes too long. on my window work pc where it was compiled, it loads fast no problem, but on my Server pc linux. its giving this "fixme" while loading on those areas were it takes long. 004f:fixme:msvcrt:__stdio_common_vsprintf options 25 not handled...
  15. CesarZ

    Znote Shop Talkaction for TFS 1.0 for outfit.

    Hello do anyone has the TFS 1.0 Talkaction.Lua? I found this one on Github but its saying im missin Commands for Functions. Like" player" i had to switch from Function onSay(player, ect, ec, ec) to Function onSay(cid, ect, ect) Local player = Player (cid) to make that error go away, but...
  16. CesarZ

    Redirect PHP Problem.

    Im trying this script because i have an account no-ip for the server and i need people to redirect to my Cloudflare web. and is giving me the error of. "the page isn’t redirecting properly" im setting up this script in my index.php top area. <?php header('Location...
  17. CesarZ

    TFS 1.X+ NPC dont Taking Money when Sale is made.

    I have a NPC problem. They all selling the items but not taking the money. I tried Switching Global.lua but it mess up other parts of the server and bring up erros. I want to fix this problem without switching the Global.lua. has anybody experienced this? all my nps arent taking money but they...
  18. CesarZ

    OTClient Retro outfit with mount Sprites.

    Do anyone has the retro outfit with mounts look. like this one. I need all 5 of them male and female i would a appreciate. just put them in a rar file and I take care of them. I cant find them any where. Thanks for your time!
  19. CesarZ

    Tibia 12 Questions need help

    I have been looking at tibia 12 is there a tutorial about it? (i already search for it nothing found so far) is tibia 12 work with server 10.41? --- I have seen server that has tibia 10 client and tibia 12.20 is it like a OTClient? Please if you have any tutorial around show me the way to it...
  20. CesarZ

    Znote AAC Forum.php problem

    Im having a problem with the forum. It works fine, it just when people write too much this happen. i be trying to get it all right but im failing so i have to ask for a little help. Thanks