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  1. weto

    I'm open for comissionsed sprites works!

    Heeey people, are you ready for get pretty dope sprites into your server? F**k yeah you are! Now take your bills and throw they at me, because I'M READY TO MAKE THE COOLEST GRAPHICS YOU EVER SEEM!! Hellye What you can wait for me? All my dedication, if you need some tips and an opinion from a...
  2. weto

    Gallery of Dreams by Weto

    If you want more things like this made only for YOU, don't let your chance to contact me pass on! Check out my profile for more info. Stay tunned here for some updates!
  3. weto

    Graphic Designer I hit my car, now I need fix it, hire me for jobs

    Hello handsome people from this community, first let me introduce myself properly. My name is Ewerton better known as Weto, I have 22 yo, I'm a brazilian spriter who are in this business for at least 4 years and studying spriting for like 8 years, ye a bit oldschool guy over here people...
  4. weto

    Weto Showoff

    Hello guys, I'm new in the forum, I'm a brazillian guy who is spriting for like 4 years (not actually all this time active) Well, here are some of my work between 2013 and 2014, hope you guys like it! ---- Updated all my topic images here for easier viewing. Hope everyone likes it! There is a...