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    Programmer NEED DOWNGRADE newest tfs sources to 7.4

    Hi, need somebody with decent skills in programming who will downgrade newest TFS sources to 7.4 It must be with 100% 7.4: mechanics monster behavior parcels and boxes height rune / spells effects and all the other stuffs that has tibia 7.4 I don't need clean downgrade where you see the...
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    [Poland][8.6] Exodis new game-play - Starting 28/5

    Hello everybody, for the last 5 months we have been working to make Exodis Server completly different! We have changed most important things in game-play to make the server harder to level up, harder to make quests, but to keep it semi-easy in general, everything on Exodis got it's own formula...
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    [Poland][Custom / 8.6] Exodis Test Server!

    Hello dear players, we would like to invite you to Exodis Test Server, on which everything will be tested to work 101% before final launch! Test Server will launch 13.05 at 18:00 CEST and will stay until 19.05 Everybody who will help testing and make a feedback will receive 3 Gold Account days...
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    Exodis Dungeon! just a part!

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    Server promotion movie for YT

    Hi, need somebody skilled in making promotional movies for server. If you're the one just add me on DC. Discord: bajsgull#5382 This is paid job
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    [Germany] [8.6] Oraculum - SEMI-LOW RATED! [13.11, Friday 18:00 CEST]

    Dear players... We have been working for half an year to bring you fresh and 100% better edition of Oraculum this time! Oraculum will be semi-hard low-rate server, as you have seen we have removed things like stamina doll / addon doll from Donation Shop, to make the server more interesting for...
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    [Poland][8.6] Exodis - second edition - 18 September 18:00 CEST

    Second edition starts soon ;) This is how it was last time 🤓 EXODIS.EU - SECOND EDITION! WHEN? - 18TH OF SEPTEMBER WHAT TIME? - 6 PM (account creation: ON) Every player that will create account and character before: 15/09/2020 will receive 50 Premium Points at the start-up ( Please note...
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    [Poland][8.6] Exodis Classic Server 10.04.2020

    Hi everybody, Our first edition after a few years break, was successful with more then 200 players online for more then 2 months! (On a custom map believe me it's enough for fun game and wars!) those who playd - knows :) During the time of first edition we have fixed everything on 101%...
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    Programmer NPC SYSTEM

    Hey, what about npc system bugged...? cuz nobody know how to fix npc bug in TFS 0.4 ... that makes you Buy somebodys order at npc channel, maybe you're able to fix it? example: when 2 people buying at npc channel its me and you me: buy 10 bp sd you: buy 10 bp mana fluid me: yes i get 10 bp...
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    [GERMANY][8.6] Oraculum

    Oraculum.pl - incredibly addictive server Oraculum is coming back after 8 years break! As many of you asked for low - rated server, we have decided to do so! few years ago we had over 800 active players, we hope to see same amount of players this time :) we've put a lot of work to make sure...
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    Programmer [tfs 0.4] Monster:onSpawn

    Hi, is somebody able to do that function (working with tfs 0.4) for me? https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-2-monster-onspawn-position-startup-artificial.257140/ If so please tell me how much it will cost! contact here or discord: bajsgull#5382
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    Programmer OTClientV8 for my needs

    Hi guys I'm looking for someone who will be able to edit OTClientV8 for my needs. Must use my sprites Fix bug with confirm dialogs by "enter" key not always working All data inside the client folder hidden from players Players can use only this client to connect Bot inside OR possibility to...
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    Graphic Designer [8.6 Client] NEED FEW SPRITES ( PAID JOB ) ASAP

    Hi, need someone who could make standard client 8.6 WITHOUT any anti-bots just clear client that connects to my server, but with some new sprites: Retro outfits Few new monsters sprites similar to all of the dragons from the image below \/ Price: tell me your price. Contact Discord...
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    [Poland][8.6] Exodis Classic Server

    After long time we've decided to come back for serious! EXODIS STARTING! WHEN? - 13TH OF DECEMBER WHAT TIME? - 6 PM! (account creation: ON!) Server: Website Facebook: Fanpage Some basic information: IP: EXODIS.EU PORT: 7171 MAP: CUSTOM(50MB) WORLD: PVP WAR SYSTEM: YES CASTLEWAR: YES GAMEPLAY...
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    [Poland][8.6] Exodis Test Server

    Test Server will last till sunday 10 PM After long time we've decided to come back for serious! EXODIS STARTING 13TH OF DECEMBER AT 6 pm (the ability of creating accounts will be available shortly!) Server: Website Fanpage: Fanpage Some basic information: IP: EXODIS.EU PORT: 7171 MAP...
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    [POLAND] [7.72] Exodis Old School // Starting 26TH JANUARY 17:00 CEST!

    Hiho community, i would like to inform everyone that Exodis is coming back online after few years! Starting At 26th of January 2018! Some important information: IP: exodis.pl PORT: 7171 CLIENT: 7.72 WEBSITE: Exodis Old School Server EXP RATE: stages (check server info on website) MAP: 100%...
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    Programmer Anti-bot client

    Hi i need somebody who coould do for me anti-bot client. PM me with price & to talk the details WILLING TO PAY UP TO 150€ depends on how much secure it is
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    Need Anti-bot Client

    Hi, if there is somebody that could do it for me please PM me Price: we'll set the price Details on PM
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    Programmer Website developer!

    Hello there! I offer you different services, such as: Creation of graphic design for web applications Web development Creation of dedicated applications Software patches HTML5 Game Development Mobile Game Development php, html, css, jquery, javascript, ajax Do you need your site, which will...
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    [poland] exodis 8.6 custom map

    Hello everyone out there. I would like to invite you to exodis server. ENJOY!:rolleyes: Server starting at December, 8th at 14:00 polish time Some info about exodis server With you since: 2008 Server ip: exodis.pl Server port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.6 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland...