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  1. namco

    TFS 0.X Shared experience won't work

    Hey I downloaded a pokemon server to play with my friends, called PokeMasterX, and we can't figure how to put the shared experience to work. We have the option to enable it in-game but it just won't work, leaving any messages on game console or errors on server console. party.cpp and party.h...
  2. namco

    OTClient A lot of "Could not send satistics" messages on Terminal

    It gives me a lot of these messages on the Terminal. Any clues on what the freak is up? Also, my client is lagging sometimes, are those "failed connections" causing the lags? Absolutely no errors, not on compilation nor executables, client/server-side.
  3. namco

    addEvent setStorageValue won't work when player logs out

    I need some help, please. When the player logs out, the Storage won't turn back to its normal state because the addEvent won't trigger. What should I do? showWayshrine = MoveEvent() local function cooldown(playerId) local player = Player(playerId) if not player then...
  4. namco

    Lua setStorageValue after 10 seconds

    TFS 1.3 I've tried this (and EVERY LITTLE VARIATION): local function decara(player) local player = Player(playerId) player:setStorageValue(420, 0) -- line 43 which gets the error end With: addEvent(decara, 10000, playerId) But I've got this error: Lua Script Error: [Main Interface] in...
  5. namco

    Open Source vs. Closed Source, the thread

    Hello, OTLanders. It's 2020 and almost we all know how money works. You have it or you don't. But you can go after it. It's mostly like the open x closed source race. You have any open project source and you can buy "any" closed project source. Those are my question according to it: Are...
  6. namco

    Magic Level 2 in Rookagaard!

  7. namco

    Does anyone here use OT as a tool to make art?

    It's deep as it seems. But for love at first. Not for the money only. Not for the fame only, That world you put your freaking soul into. That NPC reflecting your inner things. It's deep as it seems.
  8. namco

    OTClient fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/thread/future.hpp': No such file or directory

    1>------ Build started: Project: otclient, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------ 1>animatedtext.cpp 1>animator.cpp 1>client.cpp 1>container.cpp 1>c:\users\ronaldo\vcpkg\otclient\src\framework\stdext\thread.h(26): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/thread/future.hpp': No such file or...
  9. namco

    TFS 1.X+ fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/asio.hpp': No such file or directory

    1>------ Build started: Project: theforgottenserver, Configuration: Debug x64 ------ 1>otpch.cpp 1>c:\darkeraserver\src\otpch.h(42): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/asio.hpp': No such file or directory 1>Done building project "theforgottenserver.vcxproj" -- FAILED. ==========...
  10. namco

    Can't install vcpkg

    Following this edubart/otclient 2. Set up vcpkg When I try to do .\bootstrap-vcpkg.bat My Git Bash stuck at Building vcpkg.exe ... pch.cpp archives.cpp checks.cpp chrono.cpp cofffilereader.cpp downloads.cpp enums.cpp files.cpp hash.cpp lineinfo.cpp machinetype.cpp...
  11. namco

    Graphic Designer Give your project the identity it needs!

    Hello, all! I am a Brazilian design student plus artist and I work as a graphical designer/artist. I can design you the visual identity your project needs, with: LOGO, BRAND, ARTS for PIC, WEBSITE etc EVERYTHING WITH THE BEST VECTOR/PIXEL/PRINTING QUALITY! We can make a budget, contact me...
  12. namco

    [10.98] Frost Troll & his Puppy's cave

    Enjoy! <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  13. namco

    [Solved] TFS 1.3 - /tp x, y, z

    Solution: TFS 1.3 already has this command <talkaction words="/pos" separator=" " script="position.lua" />
  14. namco

    How to resize/zoom sprites NO BLURRY EDGES EDITION

    Software: Adobe Photoshop
  15. namco

    TFS 1.X+ Is it possible to change game flooring perspective?

    I am working with top-down sprites and I want it to work with top-down perspective when you step through floors and not 45º. I think I'll need to edit both server and client source to change the movement part and the graphical part (not viewing upstairs with 45º perspective) Normal: Stairs up -...
  16. namco

    Work in progress... Namco's Gallery

    Hello! I am an A r t i s t since ever. This thread aims to expose my work and studies. Hope you enjoy following my evolution line : ) Your feedback is very important to me! f f f f f Re-reading of TibiaME sprites (64x64 to 32x32). Study purposes.
  17. namco

    Lua [OTHire 7.72] Show player equipments on map

    Hello :) I'm having some trouble trying to make this The idea is: When player is @ marked tiles, his equipments are shown on the respective displays. When player leave, the equipments are removed. What I got: (+no clue of what to do XD) error on line 4 ')' expected near ',' function...
  18. namco

    [Half-Solved] "Warning LNK4099: PDB 'lib.pdb' was not found" and BOT protection won't disable

    * Compiled with MVS 2017 (Windows 10 SDK/Project toolset v140) * Release Win32 * Source and SDK downloaded today * OTClient runs fine but the warnings are bottering me * Also BOT protection cannot be disabled (even with the file config turned to OFF)