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  1. damian00912

    [Poland][12.64] Giveria - [20.06.2021 - 16:00]

    Ip: GIVERIA.COM Client: 12.64 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Germany Website: Giveria.com Map: Custom Evolution Welcome on GiveriaOT server, which is developed and tested by a professional team, with frequent updates, i.e. new monsters, new spells, new systems, new events, new bosses! The best and...
  2. damian00912

    TFS 1.X+ Runes Firebomb etc make dmg only playes, not monsters

    Hallo! I very need change for example fire bomb rune script, so that it only deals damage to players, not monsters. Someone can help me please? local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_FIREDAMAGE) combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, CONST_ME_HITBYFIRE)...
  3. damian00912

    TFS 1.X+ Some scripts for fix extra loot, boss chest reward, potion

    Hallo, i have problem, sometime, not every time, but sometime show me this error in logs. Someone know why? Lua Script Error: [Main Interface] (Unknown scriptfile) ...ata/scripts/creaturescripts/others/boss_reward_chest.lua:21: attempt to call global 'serializeAttributes' (a nil value) stack...
  4. damian00912

    TFS 1.X+ Script for extra loot is ok?

    Hallo! I have script for extra drop from every monsters, and it's item with id xxxx and have 5% chance to drop from every monsters, but players write me about it's not true, and that weak monsters have a greater drop of this item, and stronger monsters have less of these items, can someone...
  5. damian00912

    TFS 1.X+ Problem with extra loot in ring

    Hei, i have problem, if someone has exta loot in ring, thats working fine, is information about extra drop, and in monster this item is like extra drop but every this drop make error in logs, and if this ring have a lot of players, thats sometime make crash server :/ someone know what is wrong...
  6. damian00912

    TFS 1.X+ Please change script from function on kill to function on death in task

    Hallo! Please, someone can help me with script for killing on task, because now i have this script if player don't target monster, that's he dont get killing creature to task. I need chnge if every player who make damage, get progress to task. Someon can change this script for correct please...
  7. damian00912

    TFS 1.X+ Block use item on items with decay like aol, life ring, soft boots

    Hei! I have problem, i have this script CreatureEvent - [TFS 1.1] Ultimate item stat system (elements, skills, exp, loot and more) (https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-1-ultimate-item-stat-system-elements-skills-exp-loot-and-more.229771/) And is problem because when I use rare, epic, and legendary...
  8. damian00912

    AAC Fortumo payment system

    Hei. Can someone help me with this?? I want make Fortumo Payment sms on gesior acc and i have this script for check after payment succesfully, but i don't know how add sql to database. Can someone help me? ))) { header("HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden"); die("Error: Unknown IP"); }...
  9. damian00912

    Lua If Exercise wand stop using, show "Your questlok has been updated." all time.

    Hi. I have problem, if I using this code, thats everythinkg is ok, working fine, but when i finish skilling thats show on screen Your questlok has been updated. someone can help me please? TFS 1.2 local skills = { [32384] = {id=SKILL_SWORD,voc=4}, -- KNIGHT [32385] =...
  10. damian00912

    Problem with RME

    hey, someone can help me, why I cant find item by ID for add this to chest?
  11. damian00912

    AAC Paypall Tibia coins TFS 1.2

    Hallo, I need script for gesior acc for buy tibia coins (not premium points) paypall and homepay. Can somebody change this gesioracc script buy premium points for buy tibia coins? I try make this but its not working, idk why. Please help me Thanks :)
  12. damian00912

    Programmer Need change IP for tibia 11 in client

    Welcome! I have project with ots on version tibia from 10 to 11, and I need one guy who can fix client tibia 11 for custom, change IP, delete messages from battleeye, delete images with updates, and change sites from tibia.com to my. I can pay paypal for this job :) Write here or PM :)
  13. damian00912

    Lua npc dice max 100cc i want change this

    Hi ho Players :) i have script dice, its npc he play h,l and numbers, but it have max 100cc, if i change to 200cc max, gambler take only 100cc, nothink more. Who can change this for me? i want have max 10000cc local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler =...
  14. damian00912

    How add limit items in depo tfs 1.2

    Hi! How add limit items in depo tfs 1.2 :) ??? Thanks you
  15. damian00912

    War System tfs 1.2 I need please

    Hi I need war system for tfs 1.2 i using this tfs https://otland.net/threads/10-90-cast-tfs-1-2-custom-modifications-reward-chest.238852/ but in this engine it is missing :/ HELP!!! Please
  16. damian00912

    Poszukuję zaufanej osoby która odpłatnie skonfiguruje linux na vps

    Witam! Poszukuję osoby, która skonfiguruje mi silnik, acc maker, itd, aby działała mi stronka, oraz serwer. VPS jest już kupiony, hosting strony również. Z ceną się dogadamy (przelew) proszę o PW, lub jakiś kontakt tutaj w temacie. :)
  17. damian00912

    [POLAND] Memsoria.pl 8.54-8.57 You must be Here. Best Evo Start today at 17.00

    Memsoria.pl startuje 7 maja (pon.) - pierwsze 50 osób zalogowanych dostaje 5 pkt! Dopracowana, niepowtarzalna mapa, której nie znajdziesz na żadnym innym serwerze. Support Memsoria.pl trudził się nad nią ponad rok czasu, by jej detale były w zupełności wykończone. Dzisiaj możecie znaleźć na...