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    Ascalon fun Server ?

    Hey - I still have some older ascalon files i could Host with some Changes the Community wants to have. Would anyone be interested in playing ? What Changes would you want to See to make it worth playing again? :)
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    What did people do with their old, great servers?

    I've been enjoying tibia so little lately & just thought of how there were so many great ots that disappeared and what could have possibly happened that the owners never sold/shared their files? I would love to someoen randomly see this, remember "oh i have rise of abaddon files" and just throw...
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    Fixed --- TFS for tibia 8 on modern linux machine

    I just got in touch with someone who used to run my all time favorite open tibia server. He will relaunch it if someone can help him with the issue he ran into which i will write down below. I'm looking for someone to help compile a server on a modern linux command line compiler (likely GCC)...