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  1. kor

    [Poland] [7.72] Torena [1st May, 18:00 CEST]

    Hello. At the request of the players from the first edition of Torena in 2019, which I had the pleasure to work on, I am launching its second edition. Server Website/AAC: Torena <<Create your account now!>> Server Address: torena.rookgaard.pl Hosted in Poland with BR proxy (Sao Paulo) Server...
  2. kor

    MC in ANY Tibia Cipsoft client

    Hello. To enable MC in ANY Tibia Cipsoft Client using just OllyDbg, basic knowledge of Olly is required, but I will try to show on images as much as possible. So in this tutorial I would like to show how enable MC support (disabling client check if there's opened another Tibia window) in any...
  3. kor

    TFS 0.X Crashes I'm facing with

    Hello. On my 5 years old server first time I meet a crash (5x just today) which I'm not able to fix (and even find a reason) on my own. It's probably a deliberate action as it happened in quick succession without any connection with globalevent (such as server save or other quests scripts) or...
  4. kor

    Feature [TFS 1.X] Red&Black skull system

    Hello. I would like to present you red&black skull system for TFS 1.X which works as described in Skull System (https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Skull_System). There is also a PR on the official TFS repository, but no matter of it's merge status, it may be unnoticed by those who are not up-to-date...
  5. kor

    Compiling Ubuntu 18

    Hello. Ranisalt in Use fmt to format messages by ranisalt · Pull Request #3351 · otland/forgottenserver (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/pull/3351) introduced message formatting using fmt with 6.1.2 version. Also, Ranisalt in Implement scheduler timers using asio deadline timers by...
  6. kor

    Feature [DLL] Simple WSAD in C++

    Hello. At the beginning I wanted to ask a few questions how to approach the topic of DLL injection and hooking into functions in memory, but to be fair to this community, I am sharing with you a very very simple code that allows you to control your character using WSAD keys...
  7. kor

    Simple Auto Loot System [TFS 1.3]

    Hello. Inspired psychonaut's solution I've adjusted it for latest TFS code (loot is generated now in LUA instead of C++). This one is different from login12's and nekiro's where you have to click on corpse to get loot - now it will land in your backpack right after monster death. I can prepare...
  8. kor

    Programmer Proxy services

    Hello. I would like to offer my services with proxy configuration for your server. What I offer: server in Poland - Google Maps (https://www.google.com/maps/place/Gdansk/@54.360763,18.4098512,10z) USA server - Google Maps (https://www.google.com/maps/place/Buffalo/@42.8963434,-78.9344818,12z)...
  9. kor

    Feature SHA256 instead of SHA1

    Hello. Users who have worked with TFS 0.X probably remember that it was supporting more password hasing methods (Fir3element/3777 (https://github.com/Fir3element/3777/blob/master/src/tools.cpp#L107)) than SHA1 which is the only method in TFS 1.X (otland/forgottenserver...
  10. kor

    Feature Quiver [TFS 1.X + 0.X]

    Hello. Inspired @xydius solution I've created possibility to make use for quivers for both TFS (1.X based on otland/forgottenserver (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver) and 0.X on Fir3element/3777 (https://github.com/Fir3element/3777)). I won't post what to change in what line, instead...
  11. kor

    [Poland][10.98 + Android] Rookgaard - Xyla

    Hello. After 2 years from the start of the server in version 8.60, the time has come for the next world, this time in version 10.98. The original assumptions have not changed - it will still be a server without vocation, for players who have discovered the greatest charm of this game on...
  12. kor


    Hello. Have you ever encountered situation while running your own server the map on which you work with other developers can not be developed simultaneously by several people with the help of git, due to the fact that it is a binary file? I have not yet on my Rookgaard server, but if I needed...
  13. kor

    Tibia Server 6.4

    Hello. Some time ago I stared with a @bpawel10 developing 6.4 Tibia server. We have created our own map editor, a simple panel for creating and editing characters, monsters, support the MySQL connection, we have a lot already prepared and we will have even more. Due to the fact that we also...
  14. kor

    Cam System

    Hello. Some time ago, I have implemented on my modest server a cast system from TFS 0.4 from Fir3element repository. Doing a research on other servers I have found that beside cast system there is also cam system which record player's game at server side into file which can be downloaded and...
  15. kor

    What is better - one big spawn vs smaller, but a lot

    Hello. As in the topic, what is better (faster, more efficient)? For example I have a map 100 x 100 squares. It is any difference if I will create a spawn at 50,50 with radius 50 for 25 randomly placed monsters or if I will create 25 spawns at different locations each for one monster? In both...
  16. kor

    [Poland] [8.60 + Android] Rookgaard

    Hello, dear forum members. I would like to introduce to you, operating since January 1, 2017, a server created for players who have fallen in love with the pre-Mainland island - Rookgaard. You will not find here a vocation or a paid store, and to spice up the game next to the island that...
  17. kor

    War Symbol

    Hello, does anyone know, how to put near playername one of this sybmols: ? It's possible to make script in LUA or I need to re-compile engine with changes?