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    Everdale - Development Thread

    Introduction Everdale is a custom OT based on protocol 10.98 and TFS1.3 but its been reworked to basically be its own engine by now. The client is based on Otclient1.0 (can be found here). This is the second version of Everdale, we were public little over a year ago and went offline due to low...
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    Thoughts on semi-retro server

    Just interested in hearing some thoughts on doing retro ( read 7.4 ) server with some newer functions. Discussion is not locked to specific function but as example, 7.4 with newer spells such as but not limited by exori frigo/ico/con/san, avalanche/thunderstorm/stoneshower runes etc. More mana...
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    Scripter Service for TFS 1.X

    Hello, my namn is Pox. Been a Lua scripter for quite some time now, started with Lua when using Elfbot ( I’ve had high quality paid services for most bots under the name Drakke ). Now I’m here to offer my services to the OTLand community. My experience for TFS: Lua - High C++ - Intermediate...
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    [France][Custom / 10.98] Everdale

    Welcome to Everdale Alpha! A bit about Everdale: Everdale a fully customized project that is currently in Alpha Stage. Our goal is to provide a lowrate 2x exp server without any pay to win features. Premium account includes quality of life features such as auto-loot, houses, full access to...
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    [Custom OT]Everdale Alpha - Needs feedback

    Everdale is a project that we've been working on since March 2020 and we're working on it every day. The idea behind this world is to be grindy but fun and to meet that goal we're implementing a few things. To register go to Everdale (https://everdale.net/) Using TFS 1.3 and OTClient(10.98) 7...
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    Announce from server to discord

    Is there any people that would want to do this? I've made a function to write messages to discord that is used to in my example, announce specific raids but you cant use it for whatever like /b etc. If theres any intrest in this function I'll write a tutorial how to set it up.
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    MoveEvent TFS 1.3 Waypoints

    Tag is MoveEvent because thats the mainpart of this function Activate waypoint by stepping on SQM with ActionID. Opens waypoint window when stepping on activated waypoint Can config that you require other storagevalues before you can activate, example needs to complete a quest before you can...
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    Action TFS 1.3 Tame Mount - Like RL

    tame_mount.lua local tameConfig = { [5907] = { tameMonster = "Bear", --Needs to be all lowercase mountId = 3, chances = { [1] = {name = "sucess", chance = 20, sendText = "You have successfully tamed a bear!!"}, --20% [2] = {name = "runAway"...
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    Bomberman project (TFS 1.3 + OTC)

    Hello Otland, I've been working on a small project that I thought would be fun. Super bomberman for SNES in TFS1.3 It is playable HERE and Im looking for feedback Currently working on adding sprites from original bomberman to make powerups, players and bombs look like the real game...