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    Liczby po przecinku

    no to trzeba np w spellist.lua levelValueLabel:setText(level) zamienic na levelValueLabel:setText(math.floor(level)) prawdopodobnie
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    Liczby po przecinku

    Nie ma takiego parametru do ustawienia. Trzeba przerobic clienta(odpowiedni moduł gry)/wysłać dane z wieksza precyzja. Nie wiem czy chcesz ustawic mniejsza precyzje czy wieksza.
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    [DISCUSSION] 128x128 pixels Tibia sprites with AI (neural network)

    Hello, Just to be clear, feature is in WIP status and will be at least for one more week. I'm a freelancer and Dip Set hired me to develop that feature. I can not share for free that code without his without his permission. I can describe steps to reproduce such effect: As an initial step...
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    Programmer Looking for an OTC specialist

    price ?
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    I need Programmer C++ for do jobs in TFS 1.3

    what tasks for example to do ? and how much you are going to pay for them ? Your description is not too descriptive.
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    [OTClient Showoff] PokeTreasure's OTClient showoff

    Hello Everyone I just would like to show my modifications in OTClient :) Poke Scanner: Pokebag, shaders on widgets: Skill bar with cooldown: Full HD effects (effects has 96x96 pixels per sqm): Fight system (NPC visible only for one client): Speech bubbles + cut scene system(NPC visible...
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    OTClient 1.0

    Yes, exactly, We still have not smooth walking for example. I think, that this is crucial for now.
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    OTClient 1.0

    If You really think, thats a good option, then I would recommend Ultralight - Next-Generation HTML Renderer for Desktop Apps and Games (https://ultralig.ht/)
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    OTClient 1.0

    I think, that's stupid idea, whole widget management would be changed and we will have web browser instead of otclient. Current approach is a way better than Css+HTML
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    Programmer Living Phoenix Ent. Hiring Programmer

    Could You estimate hour price for mid software developer ?
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    OTClient Auto Updater

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    Auto Updater

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    what has changed to C++? back to programming

    Just one thing - c++ is not backward compatible :D
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    what has changed to C++? back to programming

    What :D Comparing C++98 to C++20 practices is like comparing ant to Elephant. For range loops, better type deducing, perfect forwarding, smart pointers, almost everything should be done differently than in C++98.
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    Pokemon Crown Version.

    gosh, I don't know, what to say (that's so dumb).
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    install boost liblaries
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    The community recommendation thread.

    I recommend @DeliveryService as a spriter. Made some graphic for free :)
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    Graphic Designer (free sprite everyday) 5$ sprites, quality guaranteed.

    Could You please give a link ? I'm not so fluent in using otland :D + I would like to have a TopDown pokemon tree similar to that one
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    Packaging OTClient

    As You found a solution for that problem - please give a feedback to the community :D
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    Unpacking sprites in a custom OTS (OTClient)

    Do You need packing after that in order to have "modified" graphics in the same custom otclient? If not You can use RenderDoc (https://renderdoc.org/) - it should be quite easy