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  1. pink_panther

    Nostalrius 7.7

    Check your destroy field rune script and check the IDs it removes.
  2. pink_panther

    Nostalrius 7.7

    walk over or destroy field? you should be able to walk over that fire regardless... it's a loose stone pile under to open hole,
  3. pink_panther

    Mana keg

    Still dont understand what you're trying to do...
  4. pink_panther

    Nostalrius 7.7

    I dont' understand how the client being used would affect the server saving the character on log out Seems more like someone's munted the SQL query in source, or you don't have your schema configured properly in the first place...
  5. pink_panther

    [US] [7.4] Nostalther - A Real, Retro Experience | GLOBAL + CUSTOM

    Nostalther World Map (updated)
  6. pink_panther

    Nostalrius 7.7

    run it from cmd so you can see the error before it closes. probably sql failing to connect
  7. pink_panther

    Solteria - Development Thread

    Looks nice. Also, might I recommend using ShareX, you can record screen video and gif without getting a shitty watermark. It's completely free and open source software. Highly recommended.
  8. pink_panther

    Nostalrius 7.7

    https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/wiki/Compiling read
  9. pink_panther

    OTClient Any decent bot for OTclient?

    Here's the best one around, it cant be beat. 100% undetectable. Works in RL, too.
  10. pink_panther

    TFS 0.X Remove anti-idle kick (but adding a storage and not count on otservlist)

    Why would you get banned? Pretty sure otlist gets the player online count by connecting to the server, so you'd only be able to change the count it gets by doing dodgy shit in source to spoof the number it get. THAT might get you banned.... Idk why removing idle limit would.
  11. pink_panther


    Are you using Direct X graphics mode? you need to restart after changing between open gl and dx
  12. pink_panther

    FerumbrasBOT - Development thread

    Yes, but your tone and attitude is disgusting. There's no need to be so aggressive to someone making something useful that "you have no intention of using". Or maybe just ask for those features, instead of just attacking the creators. It'll probably return better results.
  13. pink_panther

    [ERROR] Problems to setting OTS Online (note: commented with photos!!)

    Well colour me impressed. Gj 😅
  14. pink_panther

    FerumbrasBOT - Development thread

    I do like the quote... "If it's free, you're the product" It's not really applicable here imo. I like this bot idea. I love the world chat synced with Discord channel, I want this.
  15. pink_panther

    Help to use slotPosition

    Yeah, I'm saying are those things defined in lua. Is CONST_SLOT_ARMOR defined? where is getItemInfo() defined and what is it supposed to return? does it work for anything? Maybe try itanother way like... If ItemType.usesSlot(self, CONST_SLOT_ARMOR) then ... What version of TFS is this?
  16. pink_panther

    FerumbrasBOT - Development thread

    It's a discord bot, not Facebook. They're not making money off it by selling your metadata. You could say the same about OTLand Forums, right? It would be an equally bad comparison, but you could.
  17. pink_panther

    git clone Not Working for Nekiro 7.72 Downgrade

    Well you're trying to clone a url that doesn't lead anywhere. Thats your problem... It doesn't exist.
  18. pink_panther

    [ERROR] Problems to setting OTS Online (note: commented with photos!!)

    Why do you have 2 routers? Can you just not do that? NATing through that will be a bitch on shitty home devices.
  19. pink_panther


    Wow. Going with All Caps, huh? Nice. Go into Tibia > Options > Graphics > Advanced > Show Light Effects. smh