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  1. BahamutxD

    How are RL Tibia houses priced?

    Is there any actual info/study on this? Tryed searching a bit on wikis and forums but couldn't find anything. I've made some research myself and found out some things. Alai Flats 5 and 6 are the same size, have the same amount of beds and light sources. They have different orientation and...
  2. BahamutxD

    How to house tiles?

    I have a doubt about house tiles - as I don't have a running server to test this maybe someone can solve me this. Whats the correct way to create a house. Shall the walls in red be house tiles? Will items attached to those walls (hanging) save if they are not house tiles as the wall itself is...
  3. BahamutxD

    Dark Blue theme gone

    It's gone again. Can we bring it back? Just woke up to default light theme today :(
  4. BahamutxD

    Mapper Mapper for hire

    Hello! I'm offering my mapping skills to anyone in need of them. I've been mapping for OT since 2010, I can work with pretty much any version (except for custom projects such as Pokemon/Naruto..) as long as the customer can provide the tools if needed. You can check some samples of my maps in...
  5. BahamutxD

    Demonica +(8.6)

    Hello! Warlocks, Demons, Grim Reapers (others) hunting area. Enjoy!
  6. BahamutxD

    Hydra Mountain (+8.6)

    Hello! 8.6 friendly map. Hydra/jungle mountain hunting spot. Enjoy!
  7. BahamutxD

    OTClient Disconnected only as localhost

    Hello! I have an issue with OTC that makes me freeze and get disconnected as soon as I log in and take a few steps (staying still seems to be alright) Players connected through the internet seem to be alright, haven't managed to disconnect/reproduce. Using the Tibia Client (10.98) in the same...
  8. BahamutxD

    C++ Increase Z view underground

    Hello, I was trying to increase the view limit from +- 2 levels while underground. The changes I made were. Server (tfs 1.3) Under bool Creature::canSee(const Position& myPos, const Position& pos, int32_t viewRangeX, int32_t viewRangeY) booth under protocolgame.cpp and creature.cpp }...
  9. BahamutxD

    RME issue

    Hello! For some time now (weeks -1month?) I've experienced this with RME upon launching it. Rme GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY This is real time, not slowed. I suspect its something with Windows although I did several fresh installs (actually 3 times) and tryed installing RME in different SSDs...
  10. BahamutxD

    Force client to open zoomed and without bars

    Is there anyway or someone can give me a hand on how to force the client to open just like this?
  11. BahamutxD

    Mutated Zone

    Hello! Second map release! My other maps · Some Tomb This one didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to be but it's quaility is good enough to fit an RPG server in my opinion. Map should be bug free and fits to the west of a peninsula. Included monsters are Mutated Humans, Mutated Rats...
  12. BahamutxD

    RME borders question

    Hello! Just a quick one hope someone can help me. How can you make it so when you use a tile with autoborder on non mapped terrain it uses that tile border and not the default one (mountain) Pictures to show what I mean
  13. BahamutxD

    Some Tomb

    Hello! First map releasing! Wanted to make the tomb a bit bigge but... RME crashed mid session and didn't save... So spent too much time redoing everything until I just lost interest. Map should be bug free and decent for any RPG server, use at your will! Note. Included monsters and...
  14. BahamutxD

    AAC Znote shop get 2 items on one purchase

    Good day! Just wondering, any way to give a player 2 items in one purchase? Also, how to give a player both outfits (male female) out of a single purchase? Thank you!
  15. BahamutxD

    Lua Door of expertise problem

    Hello, While testing my map I discovered how some of my doors of expertise ain't working like they should. Some combinations of doors with AIDs won't work, the door will push the player out with this error. The push back is 2 SQM too, so thats giving me a hint that there may be some conflict...
  16. BahamutxD

    Windows Can't see premium days in the client

    Hello, I can't see premium days for players in the game client (both OTClient and Tibia) Protocol 10.98. https://i.imgur.com/5mFVlK9.png https://i.imgur.com/0UG3lS4.png database aswell as website shows the character premium days https://i.imgur.com/STiZ25V.png https://i.imgur.com/jk90SMw.png...
  17. BahamutxD

    Anyway to get a list of storages?

    So I'm having a hard time organizing my storages, mostly because when I started doing them I never planned anything and just threw whatever storage number came to my mind. Now I have so many things going on that it's a real mess to not make mistakes/doubles etc. Is there any way/tool to get all...
  18. BahamutxD

    [Znote] Getting Done Queries Print: - Array

    Recently installed Znote using UniServerZ on Windows and everything seems alright except that I'm getting this or similar errors in every page. Using latest Znote from Github with latests TFS. Any ideas. Done Queries Print: - Array ( [0] => [0.0068] SELECT `name`, `level`, `experience` FROM...
  19. BahamutxD

    ERROR: unhandled onTalk message mode 50

    Getting this on console ERROR: unhandled onTalk message mode 50 on latest compiled build from the pinned thread in this forum everytime I talk to an NPC. No NPC chat tab open and can't speak/trade.. with them.
  20. BahamutxD

    Solved NPC How to check for more than one storage

    I want an NPC that checks a player to have more than one storage, for example. The NPC checks if player have storages 31500-31501-31502-31003-31504-31505-31506 If the player have them, then set storage 30007 If the player doesn't have them, set storage 31500 if(msgcontains(msg, 'mission'))...